Eid el-Kebir holiday: the lack of slaughterhouses raises prices in Île-de-France

After the prayer in the mosque is the ritual for the believers on this day of Eid: come to buy a sheep and share it with the family. For this Nader and Rachid Abbadi made the trip to Jossigny, Seine-et-Marne. "In the 94 we do not have slaughterhouses, we have to come to search in the small countryside"says one of the brothers.

The Jossigny slaughterhouse in Seine-et-Marne is one of the five slaughterhouses approved in Ile-de-France. Priests are approved by religious authorities in accordance with health regulations.

"I come here because my brother advised me, he told me that the hygiene was good, it was clean and there was a veterinarian who checked"explains the other brother.

Strong price increase

But the faithful in the Paris region criticize the lack of location to meet the demand and keep a sharp price increase during this holiday period.

"It is a sheep of about 15 kilos and we paid 260. In the normal period we pay about 150 and a maximum of 220 euros.", indicates a customer.

With the date of the celebration this year many believers took advantage of the holidays to celebrate Eid in their country of origin, which should reduce demand in the Paris region.

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