Eight times more mobile phones confiscated in prison than ten years ago, jammers are installed

More than 40,000 telephones and accessories (chargers, SIM cards …) were seized in French prisons in 2017, a figure that has been increasing steadily over the past ten years, according to Tuesday (21 August) in penitentiary administration (DAP).

The devices easily go to jail, through projection in the courts of the corridors or through the salons, and circulate in detention with the help of different traffic: they are "smaller and smaller", "some contain very little metal and are virtually undetectable"according to union sources.

Escape from social networks

The leakage of photos made in detention is all anger on social networks.

In mid-August an investigation was opened after the broadcast of photos and a video of rapper Kaaris, locked in Fresnes (Val-de-Marne) after a fight with his rival Booba.

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At the end of July, a supervisor from Nanterre prison (Hauts-de-Seine), suspected of having introduced ten mobile phones in the institution, indicted and relieved of his duties.

Rising for years

In 2017, 40,067 telephones and accessories were seized in 180 prisons in France, which had close to 70,000 prisoners by the end of the year, compared with 33,521 last year for approximately 68,000 prisoners.

Ten years earlier, in 2007, prison officials confiscated 4,977 phones and accessories.

The bar of 10,000 was exceeded in 2010, a figure that had already been achieved in the first three months of 2018 with 10,098 confiscations on 31 March, according to the figures of the administration.

Wired telephone to improve insertion

For the DAP, this constant increase is due to the fact that the number of detainees is constantly increasing, that more phones are in circulation and also because they are better localized.

To combat this proliferation, the Minister of Justice, Nicole Belloubet, announced in January the launch of two projects: on the one hand the release of a 15 Me envelope this year for "ensure effective interference" laptops, and, on the other hand, the installation of 50,000 landline phones in cells, not to hack the prisoners of their relatives and to promote reintegration.

Currently there are 804 jammers in prison of which only 10% are effective, quickly outdated by technological developments.

The first facility that is simultaneously equipped with landline telephones and the new interference system will be the prison of Health, which will be opened on 7 January 2019, after four years of work.

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