"Emergency rooms must provide the addresses of medical help lines"

"Many people land in emergency situations when they have to be at our offices," says the vice president of the MG France syndicate.

"Urgencies should give the addresses of medical houses next door […] perhaps patients go without restrictions and without problems, except that information is not given to them "said Tuesday, August 21 at franceinfo Agnès Giannotti, vice president of the union MG (general practitioners) France.

Earlier in the day, the Minister of Solidarity and Health, Agnès Buzyn, who is due to submit a comprehensive health system reform in September, told Franceinfo that there would be "no closure of local hospitals". The minister also complained about the reflexes of patients to routinely go to an emergency situation. A report also made by Agnès Giannotti who indicates that "75% of the visits to the emergency department are done during office hours". And to add: "But the arrival in the emergency is a financial windfall for hospitals, we can not hide the face."

Franceinfo: What does the Minister of Health, Agnes Buzyn, say, not to go to the emergency room when you do not need it, does it seem clear to you?

Agnès Giannotti : It is true that many people go to the emergency room if they have to be in our offices. The problem is that 75% of visits to emergency services take place during office hours, so do not add guards but lead patients to our offices. There are also medical care places, for example in Paris, that are almost empty while the emergency situations are full. Simply because there is no coordination between emergency services and urban medicine. GPs are organized on the territory to ensure the continuity of care and they will continue to organize themselves in so-called "regional health workers & # 39 ;. It is still necessary for resources to be unlocked for this because resources are currently lacking.

What do we do to stop patients from going to the emergency room?

The emergency departments must have the addresses of the medical houses on the side, or not far away, that are open and where they do not have to wait four hours, maybe they will go without restrictions and without problems, except that information is not given to them. We have to bundle the work. But it is true that the arrival of emergency services is a financial windfall for hospitals, so do not hide your face, so it will also be necessary for hospitals to get money.

Is it still necessary in rural areas for patients to have access to GPs?

It is clear that we need to help people to settle and also give doctors the means to work better. One of the ideas is to set up doctor's assistants that allow you to clear the medical time so that you can see more patients. But it is true that a young doctor does not go to an area where there is no school for his children, nor the minimum facilities. They are a number of things that make people settle somewhere or not. But we are talking about rural areas, I am in the 18th district of Paris and I am in a zone that has been fully endowed with general practitioners throughout Paris. In the morning when I arrive at the office, 15 people are already waiting for me on the doorstep every day. The number of general practitioners is plummeting throughout France. Students must come to liberal medicine so that they have the taste to settle.

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