Emmanuel Macron: his very privileged relationship with Brigitte's children

Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron love each other with a peaceful love. A serenity that seems to prevail over the entire tribe, as evidenced by the photo's on the cover of your magazine Here

Rarely was a love story so fascinating as that of Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron. Their improvised meeting at school desks, the age difference that unites them unabashed … regardless of whether they are criticized or idealized, the presidential couple is in any case not around to stop the ink flowing to them. A beautiful complicity that, fortunately, continues to grow under the benevolent eyes of the family of our first lady.

Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron: the family has always approved this union

If their feelings are sometimes condemned by French citizens, they actually benefit from the blessing of the Trogneux family. This is the case of Tiphaine Auzière, the 34-year-old daughter of Brigitte Macron who walked in the same direction as her sweet mother at the beginning of the idyll. " As soon as I knew there was a story between Emmanuel Macron and my mother, I did not doubt the seriousness of the thing, so it was clear, she explained to the RTBF camera's. When they are together, it is as if the world does not exist. & # 39; A family osmosis that prevails with each member.

Emmanuel Macron enjoys his family vacations

The moment he united with Brigitte, Emmanuel Macron also devoted a touching speech, not only to his wife, but also to his lineage, present in the room. "I want to thank you for accepting us because you loved us as we were, and I want to thank Brigitte's children in particular, because if there was someone for whom it might not be very easy, then it was for them. " It is therefore quite normal that this small clan was found this summer at the Fort Brégançon on the island of Port-Cros in the Var. There the couple went for a swim, far away from their luxury swimming pool, but in the company of Tiphaine and her two children, Elise and Aurèle. Photos that we propose to you to discover, cut and then frame with the help of our magazine Here, in kiosk since this Friday morning …

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