Emmanuel Macron, in turn, photographed in a swimsuit

The President of the Republic is the cover of the magazine "Here". He appears in a swimsuit and, for the first time under the fifth republic, on a jet ski.

Brigitte Macron is not the only one to have tasted the joys of jet skiing from Fort Brégançon. On the front page of the magazine "Here" the president of the republic seems to be at the wheel of one of these machines. Emmanuel Macron was also photographed on the beach, in a swimsuit and without a shirt, next to his wife. His predecessors, François Hollande and Nicolas Sarkozy, had the same fate. But none of them was photographed on a jet ski.

Emmanuel Macron enjoyed his holiday at Fort Brégançon, which instructed the presidential couple to keep up-to-date by adding a swimming pool. The head of state worked there and received British Prime Minister Theresa May at the beginning of her stay. "The summer Elysee" must have a diplomatic vocation, he believes. But the instructive holidays did not stop the president from enjoying the sun and the sea, as shown by the images published by "Here" and disrupting the relative discretion that was preserved during the presidential holidays.

Weekend in Brégançon

When he arrived in Brégançon on August 3, Emmanuel Macron had not shown much publicly. He had returned to Paris this week to preside over the council of ministers of return. But the proof that he is attached to the fort, he will spend the weekend there. According to directions from the Elysee Palace to AFP on Wednesday, he plans to work there.

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