Endangered with overflowing, the vegan festival of Calais canceled by the town hall

After acts of vandalism against shop windows of mouths by antispecies activists, artisans of the Hauts de France were ready to "get in touch" with the vegan. The mayor of Calais has preferred not to cancel the festival, which would soon be held, the organizers are looking for another room.

"The mayor of Calais did well to abolish the Vegan festival," acknowledges Laurent Rigaud, chairman of the trade union of butcher's delicatessens North. "We have been warned that when vegans organize actions, we would contact them," said the representative of nutritionists, traders, farmers, pastoralists and fishermen in the region. The mayor has indeed announced the cancellation of the vegan festival that was to be held in the city center on 8 September "because of threats from certain groups related to this event," says one in the entourage of Mayor Natacha Bouchart.

The municipality has taken this decision "to ensure the safety of its inhabitants and not to expose visitors, partners and organizers of the show to overflow risk", clarifies the release of the mayor. The choice to cancel this event is not related to the nature or theme of the festival, adds the Friday published text.

Vegan and knife outbreaks in the north

The representatives of the market traders and hunters assume. "We would come to the festival in Calais and we were ready to organize a big barbecue, alongside hunters, breeders, restaurateurs," says Laurent Rigaud, chairman of the trade union of butchers and caterers Noord. The vice-president of the Chamber of Crafts and Crafts (CMA) Hauts-de-France acknowledges that actors and nutritionists had warned the authorities of their intentions. According to him, almost 400 people were ready to move. "We wanted to stay peaceful, show that the violence is not on our side, but that there are extremists in the vegan," adds the man who regrets the vandalism in the shops of mouths in the region.

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For several months now, anti-species activists – who refuse the exploitation of animals in all its forms – have curled up craftsmen to talk about their case. These actions have not been claimed, but they leave room for a climate of tension between the two camps in the region. "Several butchers, restaurants and even a cheese factory have recently been shattered by vegans and we are not digesting the words of some members of the association that describe the acts of citizenship of these actions," outraged Laurent Rigaud. "We have warned that we would not let ourselves go and that we were ready to come into contact, that we will not bend," asks the butcher.

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The association is looking for a space to keep the festival going

For its part, on its Facebook page, the association Farplace, organizer of the event, which was to collect militant associations, such as L214, vegan product stands and offer cooking classes or spaces for children, deplored this cancellation. "It is with a huge heart that we have to announce the news: the city of Calais has canceled the Calais Vegan Festival The mayor has made the decision because hunters and ranchers would have come together to form very clear threats about what could happen if the event were to be held, "is the Facebook page of the festival. On the social network, the support of the association multiplies their comments. "After the many support messages received, the association is looking for another location, from Calais, to maintain the festival.We are aware that it will be difficult to find this with very short deadlines, but we want to believe it, "said Arielle, co-organizer of the festival. "We were very surprised by the change of events, we had organized our first festival in June in Nanterre that went smoothly", said the head of the association. On Facebook, Farplace argues for his support for calm: "Friends, friends, do not insult".

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