Facts – Justice Essonne: found a vandalistic butcher's shop, an antispecist tag

By Provence (with AFP)

The shop window of a butcher's shop in Épinay-sur-Orge (Essonne) was relegated on Saturday and an antispecial tag was found on site, a police source said on Sunday, confirming information from the Parisian. The display case has been damaged in several places and the words "Stop speciesism"were registered on the property before it opened Saturday, according to this source.reduction"was opened and the action was not claimed.

The antispecies (of the Latin "species", the species) oppose any hierarchy between species, especially between humans and animals. After a new commercial attack attributed to vegan militants, the butchers were received on 3 July at the Ministry of the Interior from which they reassured, hoping for a stop at "impunityThis meeting followed another attack by a butcher in Jouy-en-Josas (Yvelines) who was the target of a stalemate and the inscription "Stop the kind ofism".

In the Hauts-de-France, seven butchers were sprinkled with fake blood in April, a butcher's shop and a fish shop were destroyed, their windows destroyed and the façades tagged with the inscription "stop with specism ".

At the beginning of July the French Confederation of Butchery and Delicatessen (CFBCT) had quantifiedat least fifty, either by tags or broken ice"The number of transactions aimed at butchers across the territory, but the CFBCT had not called for amalgam:"Not all organizations are violent", said his president, referring to"small groups, in departments, in violent regions & # 39; s".

The anti-species associations L214 and 269 Animal Liberation had clearly distanced themselves from these kinds of actions.

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