Family drama: threefold stabbing at Cannes

Family drama: threefold stabbing at Cannes
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One thirty-something killed his father, his mother and his sister on Sunday in Cannes in the Alpes-Maritimes, in a family drama whose reasons are "psychiatric", we learned from police sources and from the prosecutor's office.

The man suspected of this "triple murder, in a Cannet apartment", a city bordering Cannes, around 10:00 am, was arrested at the scene of the tragedy, says the police in Cannes, and confirms the first information of the regional newspaper Nice morning.

The father would be eighty years old, the mother sixty years older and the sister of twenty years, according to Fabienne Atzori, public prosecutor of the Republic of Grasse, AFP. "But we are waiting for the identity documents of the victims for more certainty", she added.

According to Ms. Atzori, the two parents were indeed stabbed, presumably as the sister, although the position of the body of the third victim did not allow the precise definition of the cause of death.

In the state of the findings, the researchers rejected "a priori a context of radicalization", involving "psychiatric reasons". "According to some elements under verification, one may think that the alleged perpetrator suffered from psychiatric disorders," affirmed the Public Prosecutor of the Republic of Grasse, referring to "a family conflict."

The Cannes police were warned by the nephew of the alleged perpetrator: "A telephone message from his cousin warned him that he would kill or kill his parents and his sister," Atzori said. AFP.

The alleged murderer was taken into custody and the investigation, opened for "abused murders", was entrusted to the judicial police of Nice.

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