François Hollande will not (permanently) participate in PS Summer University

Signature of the book by Francois Hollande, The lessons of power, in librarian by the former president of the French Republic in Peson, 28 June 2018, Alencon, France. – SIPA

End of the voltage. After weeks of delay, he finally decided to reject the invitation. François Hollande will not be in La Rochelle, for the traditional summer university of elected socialists from 23 to 25 August,
reveals The world.

Speech planned at the same time as that of Olivier Faure

He would originally give a speech on the last day, 25 August … the same day as that of the first secretary of the PS, Olivier Faure. Willingness to stay behind? Or to make the crowds? Perhaps both, a socialist framework suggests that the world "He does not want to interfere with the current mood, but at the same time the Dutch spit is everywhere: he lets him speak for fourteen days to announce his arrival, and now he refuses the invitation."

A book sold on 100,000 copies

The former president also recalled the good memory of the French, with the distribution of a folder "Holland 2022" by a group of young socialists and various media who talk about his likely return to politics.

But for the time being, François Hollande will continue his service after selling his essay to a success. The lessons of strength (Stock) has been sold to 100,000 copies. He will be on the 31st of August in the presence of his former Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve in Cherbourg for signing a book, tells us the newspaper.

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