Françoise Nyssen re-attached for illegal work in Paris

THE POLITICAL SCAN – The Minister of Culture would have enlarged the Paris building of the Actes Sud publishing house by 150 square meters, of which she chaired until May 2017. And without permission or explanation to the tax authorities, Le Canard reveals a chain.

Rebelote for François Nyssen. At the end of June, pinned down for the fact that she had done unauthorized work in 2011 at the head office of the Actes Sud publisher in Arles, of which she was chairman, the Minister of Culture did unauthorized work in the Paris buildings. company reveals thee Duck chained, in the coming edition on Wednesday. According to the satirical weekly, the construction took place at Hotel d & # 39; Aguesseau at Rue Séguier 18, in the 6th arrondissement of the capital.

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The publishing house has been located since 1997 in these buildings of the district of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, acquired through a leasing through the real estate company Séguier, created for the occasion. François Nyssen managed this SCI until May 2017 and his installation rue de Valois, says The chained duck. With her husband, Jean-Paul Capitani, she became the owner of the property in 2012. The future minister then decided to enlarge this mansion with a height of 4.60 meters below the ceiling. Through the SCI we have gradually worked on adding mezzanines and different stages. In total the surface has been increased by 150 square meters, which contributes to the already existing 321, 67.


"In the archives of the Town Planning Department of the City of Paris, not the slightest trace of submitting an application for permission to build"

The chained duck

Only this work has been done illegally. "In the archives of the Town Planning Department of the City of Paris, not the slightest trace of submitting an application for permission to build," explains The chained duck. However, the municipality, contacted by the newspaper, says that a building permit is "mandatory as soon as an owner gets older than 20 square meters". Also, the architect of the buildings in France was not warned, while the building has been registered since 1926 with the inventory of the historical monuments.

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According to the weekly magazine, the 150 square meter extension has not been reported to the tax authorities. Consequence: considerable savings for Françoise Nyssen and her husband. Not only that, SCI Séguier would have freed a third of the land subscription of the companies, but would not have to pay two taxes: those for creating new surfaces (at least 50,000 euros) and a second tax that would have cost around 2500 euro per year to the company.

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