Free transport in Île-de-France costs "500 euro" tax per household

According to Valérie Pécresse, the chairman of the LR of the Île-de-France region, free transport would be impossible to finance.

Free public transport would be unsuitable in Paris and impossible to finance, Valérie Pécresse said on Sunday, the president of the Île-de-France region.

"Someone else will have to pay." "If there are not the travelers who pay, someone else will pay" to catch up for free, which would lead to "500 euro tax increase per household next year in Île-de-France." France, "said the chosen one Grand Jury RTL-Le Figaro-LCI. Ile-de-France Mobilités, the transport association of the region, has to submit a report on free public transport in the region on Tuesday. The idea of ​​free access was launched in March by Anne Hidalgo, PS mayor of Paris.

The risk: increase the saturation of certain lines. According to Valérie Pécresse, the free transport would be "deeply inadequate" for the situation of the capital, which has eight saturated metro lines – "if you make free, you increase the saturation" – and different outdated lines that need investment.

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