From the prison, Booba gets the pain he sustains

"When I grow up, do I want to be Benalla or a pedophile monk, 10 years before a fight, is it with or without streaming?", Wrote Booba Tuesday morning in a tweet followed by the hashtag "#unepoqueformidable", referring to scandals within the church and the affair provoked this summer by the former councilor of the Elysée Alexandre Benalla.

"Booba now has access to the telephone booth of Fleury-Mérogis", where he is trapped, AFP told his lawyer Me Yann Le Bras. "He has had contact with his manager, who has access to his Twitter account." Together they have made this text ", which she has posted.

Booba and Kaaris will know Thursday if they stay in custody

The sworn enemies of the French rap, Booba and Kaaris will know Thursday if they stay in custody or if they are under judicial supervision, for their lawsuit in September for their fight in Orly, as is decided on Monday from Paris.

These two figures of Rap French, as well as eight of their relatives who participated in the battle of August 1, challenged their placement in pre-trial detention on Monday, decided by the court of Créteil (Val-de-Marne), where they will be sentenced on 6 September. They ask to be placed under judicial supervision.

Return to the correct proportions

In white tracksuit and T-shirt for Booba, a black t-shirt for his former protégé in front of him in a second box, the two rappers appeared visibly relaxed during the public Monday afternoon, exchanged nods and laughed with their loved ones in a full house.

As in the court of Créteil in early August, their defense argued that these "quarantine", "fathers of the family" had nothing to do in prison in a stable situation.

Certainly, the general brawl as a "playground", in a departure lounge at Orly airport for stunning passengers, was "deplorable," Booba's lawyer, Yann Le Bras, admitted. But, Kaaris lawyer, Yassine Yakouti, argued, "we must give back to this file its rightful proportion", and "forget the personalities" of the two defendants. By recommending their placement in pre-trial detention, "we feel that the Créteil court has constantly spoken the voice of social networks and news channels," he complained.

In the courtroom, the two rappers, 41 and 38 years old, both regretted and promised to be "flawless" in Booba's words, awaiting their trial.

"Consciousness commands some responsibility," said the president of the court, cautiously, and asked both of them if they could not "calm down" their respective groups to avoid the general struggle. Booba nodded, head down.

Money is not everything

Their defense offered bail, Booba's attorney presented a "20,000 euro" check to the court, the equivalent of half of the damage estimated by the airport and the duty-free shop that was demolished during the fight. The lawyers also mentioned the disrupted agenda of the two artists, the "35,000 chairs that have already been sold" for a Booba concert in the Paris region in mid-October.

"It is not enough to say" listen, I have a bank account, I am known all over the world ", but denounced the Advocate General, who asked for the continued detention of all suspects, taking into account with it being based on "serious motivations".

In his requisitions, he spoke of "the explosion of violence, as unexpected as unacceptable", in the clans of the two rappers, as well as the damage and the temporary closure of the airport hall after the fight.

"It is necessary to protect the warned," he said, and judged that it was "not excluded" that Booba and Kaaris, temporarily imprisoned in Fleury-Mérogis and Fresnes, suffer reprisals "from the part of the admirers of the other "if they left the prison before their trial.

Search for appeasement

According to Me Le Bras, interviewed by the press after the hearing, "the positions held by the Kaaris group as the Booba group suggest that we are still largely in a situation of recognition of violence and reconciliation".

The two rappers have years & # 39; collisions & # 39; on social networks and both reject the origin of the argument in Orly, filmed by passengers and who has visited the social networks.

The court reserved the decision on 23 August. "It would be wise if they were warned in detention," the president said to avoid "a new transfer" of detainees, all present at the hearing on Monday.

The two rappers must be tried for severe violence and theft with devastation at a place of access to public transport. These facts are punished with up to ten years imprisonment.

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