Fun: the procession multiplies the crimes, Estrosi rejects the marriage

Wait another 48 hours before she gets married. A couple that would marry Saturday in Nice will have to wait until Monday after his marriage has been postponed at the last minute. In question: bad behavior on the road that led the procession to the town hall, reports Nice-Matin. The mayor of the city Christian Estrosi (Republicans), warned by the police of the many breaches of the code the road (motorcycles roll on sidewalks, dangerous driving, blocking roads etc.), Decided a few minutes from the theoretical beginning of the ceremony to cancel the festivities.

The justification? A "marriage statute" came into effect on 1 April 2005st June 2012. This code of conduct forbids "in the jubilation that goes with a party" causing "traffic problems" to "guarantee the safety of everyone". Christian Estrosi used the large number of CCTV cameras that had been installed in his city to prove the violations and to justify the cancellation, especially because the police intervening to check some of the participants in the procession were offended .

"The respect for the rules of security, public order and peace can not be negotiated", lied his side Gael Nofri, the municipal councilor in charge of traffic and parking.

The charter of good conduct also prohibits "any delay of more than 15 minutes". And as the text provides, a canceled marriage must not be delayed later than the next business day. The couple who had to move to the town hall on Saturday can therefore, unless a new incident occurs, Monday with alliance fingers happen.

Five marriages reported

This is not the first time this charter is applied and a few are forced to marry in two phases, even though such incidents have been counted on the fingers of one hand since 2012. According to Gaël Nofri, five ceremonies have already been postponed and in 2015 alone there were two cases: in September then and in October because of violations of the traffic law and an excessive noise.

Christian Estrosi has also terminated marriages for other reasons, religious or community relations. In March 2015, for example, he pointed to the & # 39; radicalization & # 39; of the future couple to justify his refusal to party. "In the Republic there are things we can not accept", taken from Twitter, which became mayor of the Mediterranean city in May 2017.

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