Grenoble, a "French Chicago", according to a police union

Police intervention on 6 January 2015 in the outskirts of Grenoble – JEAN-PHILIPPE KSIAZEK AFP

The National Police of the Alliance Alliance condemned Friday the "catastrophic" insecurity that prevails in Grenoble, a "French Chicago" "" Even when Minister of Internal Affairs Gerard Collomb traveled a few kilometers away, in the Vercors.

In his statement, the iséroise antenna of the police union highlights "a delinquency 63% higher" In the Alpine city "only in cities of the same size "." In the last two weeks alone, there have been several stabbings and firearms (one of the protagonists under the age of sixteen …) ", he says, the union points out that" other actors of security "(Town Hall, Prefecture, Public Security Directorate)," alarmed "with the" government and central directorates ", with no result

" City rotten and gangrened by drug trafficking "[19659005] Alliance National Police remembers the words of the Grenoble prosecutor, Jean-Yves Coquillat, who a year ago had confirmed "never seen" a city of this magnitude as rotten and tolerated by drug trafficking. "

Enchanting that Gerard Collomb" preferred to focus on securing sports and the clean air of the Vercors than on the atmosphere much less stimulating for the city of Grenoble, "the union says thirty positions are not fulfilled in the city ", without prospect of reinforcement in the coming months. "According to him, the unmotivated police officers" demand their transfer, lack of attractiveness to keep them. "

He asked that the Grenoble basin be" regarded as a difficult sector and enjoy the associated loyalty bonus "because it is the case in Lyon And that he will soon have new employees, such as in Marseille. "Without a radical change of policy, the law of the street will soon replace that of the Republic", he predicts.

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