Hakim El Karoui, the man who wants to be heard by Macron

Essayist and former banker of business, the author of "The Factory of Islamism" was invited into the debate. It disturbs established institutions.

Hakim El Karoui, in Paris, in November 2017.

Because he says aloud that he whispers in the ear of Emmanuel Macron, Hakim El Karoui is a popular target. Some say it "Opportunist" and too loose from the field to be legitimate. Others judge him "Arrogant" and also "Upstart" to be credible. The release on Sunday 9 September of his report entitled "The Factory of Islamism" for the liberal think-tank institute Montaigne, should feed some enmities: when we get involved in the affairs of Islam in France, we do not just make friends.

Especially because nobody was waiting for this ground. Until recently, this 47-year-old geography employee, Jean-Pierre Raffarin's former pen in Matignon and ex-banker of the Rothschild company, phosphate on the "Westernization" of the world, condemned the lack of equality between generations and denounced the Arab policy of France. It is the attacks of 2015 that have prompted him to publicly engage with the religious. "We are spreading the poison of the salafization of spirits, he wrote a few days after November 13, in a forum published in The world. No one has been able to respond to their propaganda. (…) We [musulmans] We are faced with our responsibilities. (…) It is up to our generation, born in France, educated and educated by the school of the Republic to take care of matters. "

Ascetic silhouette and first roped party, essayist, columnist advice and the boss of his own strategy consultancy company has since published publications on the subject. At the end of 2016 he signed a first report for the Institut Montaigne entitled "A French Islam is possible", and a book at the beginning of this year, Islam, a French religion (Gallimard, 304 pages, 24 euros). In parallel, he participated in several …

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