"Hard blow", "Courageous", "Titanic" … Responses to the announcement of Julliard rain

Bruno Julliard and Anne Hidalgo in 2017 – SIPA PRESS

  • I do not believe it anymore. I do not want to pretend, "he says in an interview with World.
  • Since then, reactions to the announcement of the former first deputy rain. 20 minutes make the balance.

Bruno Julliard, 37, has resigned. He announced his decision to Ms. Hidalgo on Monday morning, closing her proposal to become campaign leader for the local elections of 2020. "I do not believe it anymore, I do not want to pretend," he says in an interview with world, where he attacks the mayor's balance.

The latter took the "act" of the "personal decision" of the person who had been his spokesman in 2014 and appointed Emmanuel Grégoire, who was already in charge of the budget. Christophe Girard, deputy head of Human Resources, inherits his side of Culture. Since then, reactions to the announcement of the former first deputy rain. 20 minutes make the balance.

In the majority

Green group from Paris: "It is a blow to this majority", David Belliard admits BFM Paris. "This is no surprise, but it is a blow to this majority and the mayor of Paris," he added.

The deputy who is in charge of Urbanism Jean-Louis Missika, he, psychological reasons, to explain the "violence" of the words of Bruno Julliard. "Bruno has a kind of spleen, a disillusionment of politics. He is forty and wonders what he is going to do, "he says." I had Philippe Grangeon (a good friend of the mayor of Paris and Emmanuel Macron, Ed) he has the same feeling as me: it is someone who leaves and stops. He had to justify it, "he told AFP.

Ian Brossat: "The resignation of Bruno Julliard is the logical consequence of political differences, he was against the free Pass Navigo for our elderly, against the regulation of Airbnb, we thought that we spend too much money on social housing. but it became incompatible, "tweeted the assistant housing.

PCF-Left Front: "The resignation of Bruno Julliard is a political operation that serves the good first, the majority in Paris is absolutely too far for him", commented Nicolas Bonnet-Ouladj, chairman of the communist group Front de Gauche during the Paris Council. "It is a political operation because in his critics we find that of En Marche and the law, in evidence Bruno Julliard shares his disagreements about our ambitious budget choices for the development of public services or he criticizes the free transport for seniors and the regulation of Airbnb It is his right but it became incompatible. "

In the left opposition

Danielle Simonnet: "Fiasco, crisis and mercato to the castle of Hidalgo", title the councilor of Paris (insubordinate France) in a statement. "Anti-democratic methods regarding the administration and citizens of Paris, Autolib", Vélib ", which encourages digital advertising, attacks against aid to summer camps, open an unhealthy debate on the establishment of an armed municipal police: the list is long from the villains and wind vane of Anne Hidalgo on crucial files! So much so that even in its majority creaks. "With his public statements Bruno Julliard says aloud what has been put in the corridors for months. 39; At the same time & # 39; and authoritarianism their limits! "

In the walkers

In the group PPCI (Parisians Progressives, Constructives and Independents) one calls "The Titanic". Bruno Julliard rejects with resignation what the PPCI group has been saying for months, namely "an ineffective and authoritarian management" by Mrs Hidalgo and her company. There are many examples to support this point: the Christmas market, the Ferris wheel, Autolib & # 39 ;, Velib & # 39; … These are issues that are closely related to the lives of Parisians and for which there has never been a debate. Mrs. Hidalgo loses a bit more confidence every day Parisians and now also those of his closest supporters. "

At the right

"A rejection for Anne Hidalgo," according to the group LRI (Republicans and Independents): "By resignation of his office, Bruno Julliard adds to what the Republicans and independents accuse for four years: a lonely government, an inability to listen to whistleblowers we are, but also and especially incoherent, ineffective and costly decisions for Parisians "

"On just about any subject, Bruno Julliard confirms from the inside everything we disapprove from the outside about the wanderings of the town hall, reinforcing the responsibility of everyone who wants it to change in Paris," tweeted Parisian adviser LRI Jean-Baptiste de Froment.

And for Gaspard Gantzer …

"He says aloud what many people think with a low voice, he is the first to cross the Rubicon, but maybe others will follow, because there is a real problem of political method and operational management," he said. side marked at figaroThe former communications advisor of Bertrand Delanoe, Gaspard Gantzer, who will soon attack the city hall soon.

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