Hidalgo publishes a book about the environment and promises to "win"

Hidalgo publishes a book about the environment and promises to "win"
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Autolib & Vigib, closure of ways on bank … The mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo publishes an ecological intercession in a book published next week, and responds to the multiple attacks of which it is targeted, and promises to the carriers to "win" ".

"This is not a campaign launch for the municipality of 2020," hammered the area around the city.

Announced since spring, his book "Breathe" published on Wednesday, September 26 editions of the Observatory / Humensis, and which AFP has obtained a copy, covers the climate, "the first of the great challenges of the city of Paris", says she in the book. In this 80-page book, sold in pocket format for 8 euros, "she explains the strategy," according to his consequence.

A pedagogy that was made necessary after the various problems related to transport in recent months.

The pedestrian zone of the banks of the Seine – criticized by part of the population – is part of "these difficult, exhausting and sometimes painful battles" but "deserve to be led," says Anne Hidalgo in his book, whose good pages published by Le Point.

It says: "Do not fight against the car (but) for a city that is exactly shared".

At the disappearance this summer of the Autolib & # 39 ;, the city "charges charging stations in maintenance, dirty vehicles, canceled reservations at the last moment, full stations or empty stations." The service has gradually deteriorated.

"I assume that the political risk (but) refuses the financial risk for Parisians," she warns in an allusion to the slate presented by the Bolloré group and estimated at several tens of millions of euros.

"Angry" and "sorry" about the difficulties after Vélib & # 39 ;, the mayor believes that the new operator "Smovengo was not ready".

On these aspects, and that of the environment, "it will ask a second mandate to the mayor of Paris to complete his work", analysis with AFP one of the pillars of the executive, on condition of anonymity.

While potential candidates multiply from republicans to republicans for several months, Anne Hidalgo must lead a new crisis internally: the departure and indictment came Monday from his first deputy, Bruno Julliard.

"We will win"

"In any case, his departure will have clarified the matter," said the mayor who says "not isolated" in an interview that was published on Figaro on Wednesday.

Made by Mr. Julliard among other things on his image and his authoritarianism, Anne Hidalgo in his book – curled for this acquiescence – believes: "I know the gap that exists between what I really am and what is perceived of me (. ..) The authority of a man becomes the authoritarianism of a woman. & # 39;

They blame the "wave of free and anonymous violence that accompanies some of its tweets" and the official official acknowledges that "it may doubt her, but I love this position of mayor," she admits.

"The exercise of power is complicated," AFP recently told a close association with the mayor of Paris, and "Anne Hidalgo has just been through this for six months."

"Municipalities are about a year and a half", puts its consequences into perspective, which does not contain an official statement before the autumn of 2019.

In the meantime, "we have to create the conditions for innovation", in this case we will take away the hiccups and continue with the use of bicycles, cycle paths, electric cars and work delivery on the squares emblematic of the capital.

On Sunday, an opinion poll by Ifop from the Sunday Newspaper Anne Hidalgo will lead (between 23 and 25%), followed by the Republic of Marche (between 17 and 23%) and the Republicans (between 21 and 23%).

Whatever. As a prediction about her climate commitments or the upcoming elections, Anne Hidalgo closes her book: "I have been told I will lose, but we will win."

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