Hunters get a lower permit price

On the occasion of the second high-level meeting on hunting in six months, Emmanuel Macron, who has already expressed his support on several occasions, decided to lower the national license from 400 to 200 euros, according to the National Federation of Hunting ( FNC) and the Elysee. The national license, unlike the departmental license, allows hunting throughout the territory. It is owned by only about 10% of the approximately 1.2 million French who hunt every year, according to the FNC.

This decline, which is no surprise since the President had given the go-ahead for a reflection on the subject in February, is not necessarily a major concern for environmentalists. They are particularly concerned about the way in which the new management of huntable species will be carried out. At the meeting of Monday, attended by Minister of Ecological Transition Nicolas Hulot and FNC Chairman Willy Schraen, the list of the first six species affected by this "adaptive management" at the end of the year "Is announced, including greylag geese , curlew and grouse, according to the Elysee.

On the way to an extension of the list of animals to hunt?

Currently the list of huntable species, including about sixty birds and mammals, hazel goose by the badger and the wild boar, is frozen. The new "adaptive management", whose principle has been taken over in the biodiversity plan that Nicolas Hulot presented in July, is based on strengthening the collection of data on the conservation status of the species and on the harvesting of hunters.

To "enlighten" the decisions for each species, a scientific council must be established shortly. Hunters hope that certain species that are now protected, such as cormorants, which they say have increased in recent years, can be added to the list. A perspective that is advocated by environmental advocates and would like the new formula to cover only the species that are currently hunting, but which they consider to be in danger and of which they would like to reduce the allowable quotas.

The establishment of a national police

"In France we hunt for 64 different species of birds, while" in the rest of Europe there are 14 species, and of the 64 species there are 20 that are on the Red List of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature "( IUCN), Monday sued on BFMTV, the President of the League for the Protection of Birds (LPO) Allain Bougrain-Dubourg. The activist argues for the immediate prohibition of hunting of all species on the IUCN list, such as the turtledove.

The reform also provides for the establishment of a national police force to control the harvesting of hunters, but also in the case of wild landfills. While the hunting season is gradually opening up everywhere in France by the end of September, hunters are launching an important communication campaign in public transportation of major cities on Tuesday with the following question: "The hunters, the first ecologists of France?".

Question to which they answer yes, and who blame the "caricatural image" attributed to the anti-hunting and "misunderstanding" of the general public about a "millennial hobby" that they believe work with preserving the species. This opinion is not shared by animal defenders such as the Brigitte Bardot Foundation.

"France should not be the eternal red lantern of the animal condition, we have to stop going to bed for the hunters!", Monday announced the organization on Twitter, while the president recently called Nicolas Hulot "trouillard" on this matter and had requested his resignation.

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