"I can not insult Poitiers", the focus of the mayor Alain Claeys

He is not used to giving this kind of press conference the mayor of Poitiers, Alain Claeys; an appointment as a focus or rather an explanation of texts.

Criticism on social networks

Since the evacuation of the La Maison squat, created by a collective citizen to receive groups of underage migrants, it is confronted with Internet users' criticism on social networks: "Claeys, what is he? Socialist?" quizzes a user ironically. Another letter "The prefect is just as bad as our mayor, who says nothing but never wants to help and understand!". Another criticizes "a scandalous and inhuman decision". And refers to the "wishes of the mayor who according to him win"A Nobel Prize for tartufery and the language of wood "

Six days before his expulsion, on his Facebook page, the collective La Maison told his interview in the town hall:

Beware of political recovery

If the mayor understands the emotion caused by this evacuation, he categorically rejects the opposition's attacks, including the Left Front. "The management of migrants is the responsibility of the state, and the department for unaccompanied minors," reminds the elected representatives and added that "the city of Poitiers has always had a responsible attitude and will continue to retain its skills".

"I can not insult Poitiers!"

"We do not have to blush about receiving and supporting people with big problems (…) I can not insult Poitiers!" Annoys the Mayor.

More than the DNA of the city, it is a network of actors and structures that work on these issues on a daily basis. And the mayor to gin the figures.

The proof by the numbers

Poitiers is:

  • 1266 places of accommodation for people in great uncertainty on the 2060 that counts the Vienna.
  • 515 places for asylum seekers (out of 673 in Vienna)
  • 637 places of accommodation for non-asylum seekers (from 997)

The asylum reception platform consists of three reception centers:

  • HUDA, transitional and emergency reception for asylum seekers waiting for CADA (97 places)
  • PRADHA, housing and support for people who want to apply for asylum (114 places)
  • CADA, reception, accommodation and support for asylum seekers during the procedure (78 places)

Reception, beyond the skills

In addition to the figures, in terms of health, and although it is not a competence of the municipalities, Alain Claeys recalls that the Charbonnier relay, originally created for the guidance of the marginalized people, today follows 90% of the migrants, half of whom are not French.

That there is also a project of emergency shelter of the Red Cross in La Chauvinerie. And that in anticipation of its construction, the beneficiaries will be accommodated by the social landlord Ekidom in Courtières.

It is not enough to offer a roof, we also need to integrate these populations

For Alain Claeys it is therefore not enough to give them a roof, they also have to learn the language, train their children, help them find a job and train them to citizenship (the rights and obligations of the citizen) they give the codes of good coexistence. To achieve this, it is necessary to cooperate with the child allowance fund, government services and social landlords. Based on this, the mayor plans to set up a Convention for Integration shortly.

The question of the "meeurs", these migrants remains neither important nor less important

If housing solutions for adults exist, that unaccompanied minors are supported by child well-being, the issue of "mutators" remains those who are not recognized as minor or major and can not be introduced by these institutions. It is they who the collective citizen "The house" intended to hide in their squat of collective lodging.

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