In a more difficult context, Macron will restart its reform program on Wednesday

Paris – Emmanuel Macron meets Tuesday with a Cabinet of Ministers to launch the year II of his reform program, with unyielding determination despite a disappointing growth and an image affected by the Benalla affair.

Shortly after the Council of Ministers, the head of state will take the final budgetary decisions, in a meeting with Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, and with the economics ministers Bruno Le Mayor, the public accounts Gerald Darmanin, the Labor Muriel Pénicaud and Health Agnès Buzyn.

The tax comparison for 2019 promises to be a delicate one, as the government has set itself an ambitious target to reduce deficits, while the growth of 2018 promises less than expected – 1.8% instead of 2%, while the state must finance expensive measures, including the partial abolition of the housing tax. Another concern, unemployment, which rose at the beginning of the year, only slightly decreased in the second quarter, to 9.1% compared to 8.9% at the end of 2017.

There is no question of a budget in "plane shots"Enamelled from uniform economies, but clear choices that reflect the government's policies, including clear increases in appropriations for certain ministries – education and training, sustainable development, security, justice, defense – and others in sharp decline, explains the entourage of the president.

The ministries most affected by the cutbacks would have to be the Ministry of Labor, as a result of a further decline in subsidized jobs and those of Cohesion in the areas, with a further reduction in rent subsidies.

One of the strangers is the number of job losses. Emmanuel Macron has promised 120,000 deletions during the five-year period, including 50,000 on the circumference of the state.

– Two blocks –

Reformed reforms, the head of state retains "the same spirit of determination and fighting spirit"As he slipped during a summer carousel, Friday in Bormes-les-Mimosas, for the return,"the slogan is & # 39; do not think i'm letting something out & # 39 ;. Do not believe for a second that I intend to slow down or deviate"the pace of reforms.

The program is divided into two parts: on the one hand on the economic and social issues, with the Pact Act on companies, the "poverty strategy", postponed in July but expected to be announced in September, followed by the renegotiation of unemployment insurance this fall.

On the other hand, projects that are coverednational cohesion": the universal national service, the reform of the health system, also expected in September, the law on bioethics whose guidelines are planned at the end of the year, then the reform of the pension system, ongoing in 2019.

Emmanuel Macron also remains "determined to complete the constitutional reform", blocked by the opposition parties in July because of the Benalla affair."He regretted that the opposition had instrumentalized the subject of Benalla to stop parliamentary and very politicians", says a source.

As for the Benalla case, which revealeddisfunctions"at the Elysee she confirmed the will of the head of state to reform the operation of the presidency, often"deprecated".

This reflection, which started in October 2017, should lead to a reform by the end of the year, including the appointment of a director of services and a single order for staff responsible for his safety, indicates his environment.

After a major offensive of right and left during the Benalla affair, the opposition also paused this autumn for its appointments, the most ambitious of which is organized by La France Insoumise.

The RN has canceled its summer course for lack of money and should be satisfied with a meeting in Fréjus (Var), the Republicans (LR) are back in several rallies, the largest of which are La Baule (Loire-Atlantique) ). Atlantic) on 1 September. His privilege Laurent Wauquiez is privileged every year the rise of Mont-Mézenc (Haute-Loire) on 26 August.

France Insoumise organizes for the second year in a row "Summer AMFiS"in Marseille, from Thursday to Sunday, with dozens of workshops and debates, some in the presence of a handful of MEPs, Socialists and Communists." Guests, chosen to LREM, declined according to LFI.

Also this week the socialists organize a meeting of elected officials in La Rochelle (Charente-Maritime) and meet Europe Ecology-The Greens in Strasbourg.

In the majority, the MoDem of François Bayrou will return in September, and the Republic in March does not organize large raw.

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