In Amiens, the long mobilization of the staff of a psychiatric hospital

The mobilization lasts more than two months. Part of the staff of the psychiatric hospital Philippe Pinel Amiens has been protesting since 15 June against the closure of four services in four years and the departure of a dozen psychiatrists in 2019.

"A situation found in many hospitals". "We kill psychiatric care, destroy hospitalization without an alternative solution, it is a situation that we find in many hospitals, we are perhaps one of the worst," he said. to AFP on Tuesday the general secretary of the CGT for the establishment Chrystèle Leclercq. "We are very few to strike because we are assigned, but the actions are done at leisure," says Catherine Obry, non-union nurse responsible. "Our struggle is good and must succeed".

An "intolerable promiscuity". According to Chrystèle Leclercq, by the end of the year 70% of psychiatric functions in adult psychiatry will be vacant. "In services planned for 20 we add extra beds and we go up to 25, 28 patients", she says, while denouncing an "intolerable promiscuity". "It has been done with the goal of saving money, not to improve care."

60 additional positions requested. The mobilized staff, about 20% of the 940 employees of all statutes, in particular asks for the creation of 60 nursing stations in hospitalization, the reopening of two care units and the cancellation of the debt in the amount of 12 million euros.

For the ARS the solution is elsewhere. For the Regional Health Agency (ARS) it is & # 39; care methods and poorly adapted practices (such as hospital stays much longer than in other hospitals in the region) that, for "In these circumstances, the services may be overloaded and staff may be insufficient", the ARS acknowledges. "But the solution is not yet the creation of more messages and beds.The solution is (…) external monitoring".

The ARS has allocated 1 million euros in July, along with "7 million exceptional helpers since 2011" to place additional resources (recruiting ten nurses and at least three doctors) "where the problems do not relate to practices or in the expectation of their evolution ".

"We have to become more ambulatory," says the director of human resources at the Pierre-Alban Pillet hospital. "It is not unique to our facility, the hospital undergoes a transformation." To get out of the crisis, management says it has already offered to meet the stewards of the store, who want a broader round table at the LRA and family organizations. On Tuesday they received the support of Sud-Solidaires Santé du Nord, who rejects "the successive austerity policy" that "leads to the deterioration of the conditions for the reception, care and support of patients and disorders of work".

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