In insubordinate France, first differences in internal functioning

In insubordinate France, first differences in internal functioning
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The unprecedented France, launched two years ago around the presidential program of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, reveals the first differences in its internal functioning while its leader launched the European campaign.

Earlier this year, MP Clémentine Autain, from Ensemble, part of the Left Front, urged the movement to "think about how pluralism can live internally". Back then, she had made the difference by gravely assessing the quarrel between the Communist Party and LFI, and wishing she spoke "without humiliation or contempt".

Today she plays: "The movement is gaseous, it is not finished, there are inevitable dissatisfactions about who decides (…) But we do not want the nose on it".

However, dissatisfaction exists. A group of Insoumis Democrats (CID) that was founded a few months ago and that its petition "For democracy in LFI" has collected 600 signatures. One of the questions he raises: Who decided that ecology, retreats and the link between Emmanuel Macron and Europe would be the main pillars of the battle for Europeans, presented by Mr Mélenchon on Saturday?

"We do not choose our representatives, the axes of the program, the political vocabulary or the strategy", deplores Christophe Cailloux, the co-founder of the CID, with AFP. "It is worse than the old parties: there are no internal elections, no conferences, no power."

But according to Manuel Bompard, head of the campaigns and indicated as one of the top of the list for European, it is precisely because the movement wants to get away from the parties that its organization must be different.

The leader emphasizes action groups that organize locally, and the draw for two-thirds of congress participants or the election committee, which recently nominated candidates for European.

"So far, the draws did not have any real power," says Christophe Cailloux. "They represent nothing and no one, and are more easily influenced" by the remaining third, the leaders of the "spaces" "(programmatic, operational, political …)

As a result, according to Clémentine Langlois, LFI candidate for the first constituency of French nationals abroad at the parliamentary elections, and another founder of the CID, "the power remains in the hands of a small group of people" close to Jean-Luc Mélenchon .

"There is polycentric leadership, but there are several questions about the appointment of leaders," admits an LFI manager. "Some seasoned activists are sometimes disarmed, there is a very strong demand for democracy and this issue should not be underestimated."

The economist Liêm Hoang Ngoc, the co-founder of the socialists, did not in any way indulge and condemned on Friday a consolidation practice of "a hard core" by Jean-Luc Mélenchon, after the participation of his group to have suspended LFI in July.

As far as the deputy François Ruffin, one of the most media personalities of the movement, he preferred to stay in family vacations instead of coming to Marseille this weekend, a remarkable absence.

"Class fight, fight for places"

"The way to get closer to Mélenchon is to earn his stripes and it's healthy," said a good friend of an assistant officer.

"We did not come out of the day after Mélenchon's thigh!" Calls Danièle Obono, MP LFI of Paris. "We are trying to build something different, not to reproduce the same patterns with the same mistakes," says someone who has experienced the crevices of the extreme left, such as Jean-Luc Mélenchon PS.

"The class struggle should not be replaced by the struggle of the squares", summarizes Thomas Guénolé, political scientist who created the "" Training School, "of LFI.

"We must also accept that those who formed the core of the presidential election are decision-makers," argues Jean-Marie Brom, head of the energy book.

He ran to a place on the list of Europeans, without being selected. However, he retains "the incredible enthusiasm that he (t) knew in the past with the Greens in the 1980s. Then the Greens wanted to be a party …"

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