in the Var, tourists want to get rid of … crickets

In Lozère holidaymakers had already complained about the sound of the bells, which disturbed their fat mornings and asked the mayor of the village to move the grates of the church … In the Var, another city has recently had to deal with an unexpected reflection: tourists have called to an end … to the song of crickets.

"Not only in the Paris region". Asked by Europe 1, Georges Ferrero, mayor of Beausset, still does not come back. "Five people came to me at the exit of the town hall because they were very embarrassed from early in the morning until late evening, very late, through the singing of the crickets," he explains. . "These are tourists who come not only from the Paris region, there are people from Rhône-Alpes, people from the east, Breton …"

"They said to me:" There were concerts in domains and the crickets sang until ten o'clock in the evening, "the mayor continues." I said: "But that belongs to the Provençal folklore. & # 39; But for them it is not a song, it is a hellish noise, they do not understand that the southerners can say that it is a song. & # 39;

"Sulfater" the crickets. According to the municipal councilor, some of these tourists even considered a radical solution to get rid of typical insects. "They went to shops when they could find products to pass on the trees, sulphate," he suffocates. "It's crazy: under these trees they are the ones who take the aperitif!"

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