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Open-house business for France insubordinates ! Claiming the first opposition force to Emmanuel Macron, the party of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, reunited from Thursday 23 to Sunday 26 August in Marseille for his "Amfis" summer, shows his openness to better prove that it is inevitable and why not , rally rallies.

The executives of insubordinate France assure it in unison: the movement has always been open. What better place to prove it, they say, than the "Amfis", where nearly 150 workshops and conferences follow each other with multiple speakers? But this year, also members of parliament from other parties were invitedsuch as the ecologist MEP Karima Delli and the socialist MP Boris Vallaud.

Show a central place of non-substantial France

They will participate in conference debates on very specific topics (Alstom, the national service …) But the& # 39;idea is indeed to show the calling of LFI's centrality, displayed in polls as best the embodiment of the opposition Emmanuel Macron "It gives us a responsibility, that of reaching and opening our arms," ​​said Manuel Bompard, director of campaigns for LFI and possibly at the top of the list for the European elections.

Insubordinate France nominated most of its candidates for this deadline, but left other positions open to civil society representatives … and other left-wing personalities who would gather. One of the possible catches would be symbolically strong: Discussions take place between Insoumis and Emmanuel Maurel, representative of the left wing of the PS and member of his national office.

Emmanuel Maurel not closed for a possible rally

The MEP is scheduled to attend a conference on Saturday, August 25th. Jean-Luc Mélenchon must go back to a meeting that organizes the first together with another member of the left wing of the PS, known to the disobedient leader: Marie-Noëlle Lienemann. this one kind of rallying, "we would see that very wellIf this happens on the basis of a programmatic clarification, "says Danielle Simonnet, LFI City Councilor in Paris and co-chair of the left party.

According to her, while "the power has proven its sectarianism", "it is important that we show that there is discussion in the opposition". Emmanuel Maurel admits: "We have more similarities than differences of opinionespecially to thwart the government's plans on pensions, the freezing of social minima, privatization … "However, he expects that the" clarification "to the PS about the nature of the project for Europeans will take place in the next weeks, after which he makes a decision.

A return of the "old politics"?

After Jean-Luc Mélenchon vilified the Socialist Party during the last decade, would he welcome some of his members? "For us the doors have always been open, the movement is in constant construction", says Danielle Simonnet The NPA, whose spokesperson participates in a workshop" Amfis ", is said to not closed for a coalition : "We would like something to happen on this side, and it will be discussed," said Philippe Poutou, Friday leader at LCI.

However, the deputy of Seine-Saint-Denis Éric Coquerel warns: "We are not in a repetition of the similarities between devices". The deputy of Noord-Adrien Quatennens estimates that "the LFI method continues to aggregate. (…) When political figures take account of the new power relations, we keep the door open. "

It is "the return of the old politics", the "rhetoric of unity, derived from the strategy of union of the left, which formerly used François Mitterrand to reduce the influence of the Communist Party", criticized in a tribune anyway world one of the founders of LFI, Liêm Hoang-Ngoc, who ceased his participation in July.

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