It hurts with the LREM delegates, who choose their new president

Paris – A noisy departure from a group compared to the "Titanic", tensions that have been triggered by a difficult start: it is in the middle of a turbulent area that Macronist representatives will choose a new boss on Tuesday who will succeed Richard Ferrand, under eight candidates after the withdrawal of two of them on Monday.

"I've been talking for months, and this at all levels, my worries, then my misunderstandings. I have not been heard", wrote to his constituents Hauts-de-Seine, elected Frédérique Dumas, who announced on Sunday that they left the group La République and Marche to join the UDI-Agir.

"The foundations of macronism have been forgotten. We confuse speed and precipitation (…) We need an electric shock"after more than a year's mandate, she claims in Le Parisien Monday.

Prior to this ex-centrist, Jean-Michel Clément (ex-PS) had to leave the majority of the group in the spring after opposing the asylum and immigration bill. The beginning of "garland"whether the separation was then restricted, but this time?

The former president of the Assembly François de Rugy sees a "individual approach"from Frédérique Dumas, but called Europe 1 to"keep this broad collector spirit"from On March, without"bigotry".

Spokesman for LREM delegates Stanislas Guerini launched on Sud Radio that the presidential majority "no cruise ship (…) that we leave when the swell comes up"And"it is precisely now that we have to keep the helm".

It is that the mistreatment of Ms Dumas, who exactly compared the ship of the LREM group with the "huge", comes back in a context of complicated for this 300"walkers", with regard to the executive power, between government reallocation forced by the offices of Nicolas Hulot and Laura Flessel, return of the Benalla case in the foreground and polls on half mast.

The departure of François de Rugy for the government includes cascading movements, with lively matches to the key.

Before he reached the perch last week, Richard Ferrand, a close Emmanuel Macron, had to meet three candidates internally. Leiden leader Marc Fesneau then won votes and narrowed his chair.

And to succeed Richard Ferrand on Tuesday, eight contenders are now in the ranks after the surprise draw on Monday of Gabriel Attal, spokesperson of the LREM movement, who did not want to "contribute to the dissemination", then that of Bruno Bonnell.

The verdict will be announced early in the afternoon on Tuesday, after a secret ballot from the elected LREM.

– "More driver"-

"There is no more pilot on the plane, everyone said to himself + why I do not +", quotes a parliamentary source who calls for an election"unpredictable", although two favorites now stand out: the pillars of the Gilles Le Gendre and Roland Lescure group.

Two men, while Brigitte Bourguignon, Amelie de Montchalin, Laetitia Avia or Perrine Goulet are also candidates, alongside Jean-Charles Colas-Roy and Rémy Rebeyrotte. Bruno Bonnell retired to support Gilles Le Gendre.

This avalanche of applications, far from "self-regulation"desired by the old direction, is also the sign of a"maturity"and will that"everything is not dictated"from above, according to an elected representative.

Some people are very dissatisfied, most candidates want to see itboard"majority group, for more"transparency"and appreciation of"talents".

Barbara Pompili, who was a resting place candidate, reported to Cnews "operational problems"To"relations with the executive", and also a need for"motivate"the forces.

So about thirty delegates were "lost on the road", according to a colleague: they are"a little frustrated"And"less present in Paris".

Jean-Michel Clément, now unregistered MP, calls for a few days that his former colleagues were dissatisfied with "the emancipation"to set up a new parliamentary group, but for the time being nobody seems ready to take the plunge.

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