Jean-Michel Blanquer: "Evaluations become a habit as the class photo"

It is in the gardens of the ministry that Jean-Michel Blanquer receives us. The weather is nice. The minister, the complexion still tanned after a trip to Mayotte and Reunion, seems much more relaxed than at his re-entry press conference three days earlier, the day after the resounding of Nicolas Hulot. For the Parisian, he agreed to respond to fears and questions, many in this new season full of new students and their parents.

THE REFORM OF THE HIGH SCHOOL. "I propose that the last oral test be called the big interview"

The generation that enters the second has experienced the new elementary school rhythms, the reform of the college and now the secondary school. Is not it too much?

JEAN-MICHEL BLANQUER. The consequences of the latest reforms for students' lives should not be exaggerated. The change in school rhythms did not change their daily lives and the reform of the college had limited space for them. As for the new high school, it is an opportunity, seen as such by high school students who were also consulted for the design.

At the moment there is a lot of uncertainty about what will happen in practice. Families and teachers know almost nothing …

It is normal for the subject to raise questions, but the answers are there. Things are gradually being done. The second class does not know many changes in this season. The most important changes will take place in September 2019. Students will be guided to choose three specialist disciplines, instead of L, ES and S series that they have placed in a compulsory corridor so far. In addition, continuous monitoring will be more important, as well as oral skills.

How does the selection of these specialties take place?

There are twelve of them. We will ensure that students have a wide choice, about seven specialties at their school or in the neighborhood. The remaining five specialties will be implemented to make the companies that need them more attractive.

When will we know the content?

At the beginning of November, the High Council of Programs will publish its first projects. They are placed in consultation with the teachers for a month. Everyone has access to it. The programs are completed in December.

What is the terminal class called? And the big oral planned in the drawer's reform?

I propose that the last oral test be called the "important interview". On the other hand, & # 39; maturity & # 39 ;, a word that was considered for the last year of high school calls rather skepticism. So we are still on the definitive name, but we will consult the students and see if there is a better idea.

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Evaluations. "A new public service, free"

What is the purpose of the level tests that will be carried out in the coming weeks for children CP, CE1, 6th and second?

The evaluation has only one goal: to help the student. It has no goal of selection and even less of stigmatization. Secondly, a positioning test will take place at the beginning of the year to activate a personal aid in French and mathematics. The sixth assessments have been around in a number of institutions for a long time, but this was done scarcely. We want to make it a more useful tool for teachers and students and also something interesting for parents.

Will parents receive the results of their child's assessments?

Yes, they will have them. The parents of a CP student receive an inventory of the luminaires at the beginning and in the middle of the yearwhat their child is doing and points for improvement. The most well-off families pay for this type of services of private structures. We create a new public service, free of charge. It becomes a habit to receive the child's assessment, as it is to take the class photo.

An evaluation body for schools should be set up in 2019. Can parents consult the results?

The fundamental purpose of this body is to create useful assessment tools for institutions. To what extent will the results be communicated to which audience? The discussions will be open, I have no dogma about this.

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Could we move to an Anglo-Saxon system, where we can compare the performance of each school?

We need to invent a French model that allows us to be lucid, effective and solid in our work in schools, and that gives parents the best possible information.

TEACHERS. "Being a teacher all your life is not an obligation"

A reform of the training and career management of teachers is on the table. Which profiles would you like to attract?

In the past, the profession was a layer of the social lift. We need to find this with more teachers with a modest background. Our ability to recruit tomorrow also depends on our ability to diversify profiles and support the vocations of young students. That is why we need to modernize our access routes, open windows by giving people who already have a different job access to the career of Professor.

And what is being done for teachers who are clearly out of place in a classroom?

The management of local human resources, which we develop, will have to be able to better support a teacher if he has difficulties, what happens to everyone, in all sectors. There is also a need for more systematic and targeted further training, as well as for development prospects, also outside national education. Being a teacher is not an obligation for your whole life? even if it is great if you are satisfied with your work until you retire.

POLICY. "A majority of the French know that reforms are needed"

Can upheaval in the government and rearrange your reform agenda?

Things happen according to the agreements. We must maintain a coherent rhythm. The president was chosen according to the principle of a transformation of public action and a majority of the French know that reforms are necessary. The government is here to achieve what has been announced.

You praise the benefits of the evaluation. As a minister, on which file are you being assessed?

The number of children leaving primary school in the coming years will be an indicator of the success of the policy that is being used. But these are read in a long time. The drop in the failure rate in the bachelor's program will also be an indicator of the positive impact of the high school reform.

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