Jos Brech, suspected of raping and murdering a Dutch boy, wanted in the Vosges

The Dutch police search Jos Brech, 55, measuring 1.80 meters and wearing size 41/42. He is a fan of walking and surviving in nature. The authorities have found his DNA in a forest shed around Sainte-Marie-aux-Minesand have reason to think that he is hiding in the Vosges, an area he knows well. The disappearance of this man coincides with new elements in the case Nicky Verstappen, named after a young Dutch victim of a dirty crime in 1998.

The case Nicky Verstappen

August 10, 1998. Nicky Verstappen, an 11-year-old Dutchman taking part in a camp in Brunssum (Dutch province of Limburg) will disappear. The organizers and the villagers search for him, without the help of the police, who does not intervene immediately.

August 11, 1998. More substantial resources are set up the next day, this time with the help of the royal police and the police: helicopter, dog team … The boy's body is found in the evening, one kilometer away from the camp, in Landgraaf (also Limburg province). After examination of the body, it seems that there was rape.

1998-2018. Many false numbers. The pedophile serial killer Michel Fourniret is a suspicious time.

2018. The Dutch police announce an enormous collection of DNA in the geographical area where the body was found. Action is on a voluntary basis and concern more than 20,000 men who had remained in the area at that time. The DNA of the perpetrator was found in the pajamas of the boy thanks to technological advances. It remains now to match it, hence this collection.

21 February 2018. Jos Brech, who lived in Simpelveld (still in the province of Limburg) at the time of the crime, announces to his family that he has gone on a walk for three weeks. The departure should take place from a hut near the top Head of Violu (Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines, Haut-Rhin). This hut is used by the followers of the walk and surviving in full nature, it is the nickname Old Crow in the middle.

April 9, 2018. The family of Jos Brech alarmed about the lack of more news and launches an announcement of research. He never seems to have returned to the hut. He had to go there before he returned to Simpelveld, where he had to visit his sick mother: she has since passed away.

August 22, 2018. The Dutch police announced a breakthrough in the case: a correspondence was made between the DNA found on the body of the boy and the DNA of Jos Bech. This DNA was found at the suspect home in Veendam (Dutch province of Groningen), as well as his family members. He had moved to this northern Dutch city after leaving Simpelveld. Jos Bech was suspected because he had not participated in the DNA collection announced in January. Moreover, her presence at that time was noticed (and noticed) in the vicinity of the crime scene, without, however, making it suspect.

Jos Bech & # 39; s DNA was also found in Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines, in a hut in the forest. "We are convinced that the suspect has hidden [dans la forêt des Vosges]"explained the police section of the Dutch province of Limburg. The Colmar Public Prosecutor declined to comment and sends back to the Dutch police. If you have information, you can contact this number: (+31) 7 93 45 98 76.

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