Laurent Wauquiez accuses Macron of driving "France in the wall"

Laurent Wauquiez has interviewed the newspaper Le Figaro during the political recovery. An interview in which he attacks Emmanuel Macron, who "leads France into the wall", but also to his colleagues on the right. He tears those who "harden the tone" after having "the eye of Chimène" before the head of state.

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"This first year of five years is a failure with the biggest drop in purchasing power in six years, the same increase in public spending as under François Hollande, an increase in public employment, the worst growth in Europe, the historic record of the migrants' access, the continued degradation of authority and passivity towards Islamism, "Wauquiez said in the Friday night interview. "If we continue this pace, Emmanuel Macron will lead France into the wall, and that can end very badly," continued the boss of LR, who made his political return Sunday in the Haute-Loire.

For Laurent Wauquiez, the decline in public expenditure is "the fundamental subject of return". "There is no fight against the waste of public money and therefore no tax reductions," he said. "We have to return the money to the French […] France, with the decisions of Emmanuel Macron, particularly on the CSG, now has the record of mandatory fees in Europe. Never have the middle class paid so much. What is the result? We have suppressed growth, "said the president of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.

He marks his difference with the right-wing leaders

Asked about Valérie Pécresse, who made her political comeback with her Libres movement! Friday in Corrèze, and Xavier Bertrand, who left LR after his election as chairman of the party, Laurent Wauquiez said he made "another choice on two levels". "Like many, I could have made my little stable at the time of the 2017 election debacle. I made the choice to dedicate my energy to the collective and to the reconstruction of our political family."

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"The second difference is the evolution of the speeches of those who had the appearance of Chimene for Macron, and today they hardened their tone to fit the measurement curve.I did not change what I say today, I said it a year ago, "continues Laurent Wauquiez. Finally, about Europe, "I clearly confirmed our European commitment, which does not allow the maintenance of certain attitudes or alibi" s, said the president of LR.

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