Laurent Wauquiez denounces "the illusions of macronism"

The president of LR wants to win the right-wing voters, seduced by the head of state, but struggles to gather his own camp

Laurent Wauqiez, president of the republicans at the provincial party of the federation the Republicans of the Haute-Loire on August 26.

In this season Laurent Wauquiez thinks to see a glimpse at the end of the road. Overwhelmed by the bad polls and facing the division of his camp, the president of the party advises the Republicans (LR) in the recent difficulties of Emmanuel Macron – who also dissolves in opinion and suffers a slowdown in economic conditions – the ability to recover. And to reward the strategy of frontal opposition to the president of the republic, which he has introduced since the beginning of the five-year period. "I did not change my mind, I warned very early about the illusions of macronism. (…) This first year is a failure, launched Mr. Wauquiez on the occasion of his speech of return, Sunday, August 26, pronounced a few minutes before the traditional ascent of Mount Mézenc (Haute-Loire) which takes place every year with its support points.

Very discrete for a number of weeks, especially during the Benalla affair, the president of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region now plans to occupy the media space. "The listening capacity of the right-wing voters tempted by Macron has changed," do we want to believe in the environment of Mr. Wauquiez? So who has decided to focus on two issues: on the one hand, the fight against taxes and government spending, on the other hand, immigration. "There are too many taxes, there are too many taxes, there are too many costssaid the former minister. I say to Emmanuel Macron: it is high time to give the money back to the French. We have to restore the purchasing power for the French. "

Identity flights

The right of Mount Mézenc has thus risen as one man to save some of his traditional voters, pensioners and large families. Premier Edouard Philippe has in the 26th edition of the Sunday newspaper that the increase in pensions and family benefits …

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