Law against the rodeo: first conviction in Val-d & # 39; Oise

justice. After the law on wild rodeos came into effect, a man was sentenced to six months in prison on Monday, August 27th.

Perpetrators were warned: since 3 August, a law has been strengthened " the fight against motorized rodeos And provides for new sanctions for vehicles " endanger the safety of road users or disturb public peace "This did not prevent a 26-year-old man from being arrested on August 22 and sentenced to six months in prison on Monday, August 27, without an order to carry out a rodeo with a street bike." Streets of Sannois (Val d & # 39; Oise), reports The Parisian.

A similar case reviewed on September 19

The paper says that the driver had tried to escape the city when the police wanted to continue with his arrest. He fell out of his vehicle a few moments later and the man could have been arrested. At the same time The Parisian Another similar case concerns the arrest on 23 August of the driver of a scooter that multiplied the rear wheels at Savigny-le-Temple in Seine-et-Marne. Without helmet he slalomed between cars and pedestrians and was under the influence of narcotics. He therefore runs for three years in a cell, as determined by the new law. The man will have to wait until September 19, and his summons before the criminal judge, to know his punishment.

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