"Let France protect our children," asks her mother

The disco Le Phoenix in Meylan (Isère), for which Adrien Pérez was stabbed on July 29, will not re-open tomorrow, Friday 24 August. according to France Blue Isère, the prefect of Isere took an administrative closure order of six months on Wednesday, August 22nd.

"I am satisfied with the decision of the prefect, this administrative closure decision, but now, my son is no longer there, and we could have avoided this tragedy if these people were not armed ", fits Patricia Perez at the RTL microphone. According to her, "entering night clubs with knives" is "unacceptable".

"For me, it's still potential killers, when someone runs a gun, only at a certain moment of the day will he use it," adds the mother of the murdered young man. nightclub while celebrating his birthday with his friends.

For me, yes, the disco has let it

Patricia Perez, Adrien's mother

"For me, yes, the disco has gone. Now in the nightclub we come back, free of everything. It has to stop, "says Adrien's mother. Asked about this administrative closure of the nightclub, a powerful decision of the state, she simply believes that "it was time".

Since the tragedy, this mother has been calling on politicians from all sides to put an end to this violence. "As long as it goes on, it is my dearest wish, that my son has not forgotten that France will not forget it. That France protects our children is my call "she concludes.

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