Little revolution in the world on TV

The weather forecast? It is the most watched program on the small screen, according to a poll by Ina that revealed in 1993 that 76% of French respondents sat down at least three to four times a week.

The most watched program

It is necessary to believe that habits have a hard time since the hearings are always performed beautifully: on TF1 the point after the 20-hour newspaper is followed on average by 5.1 million people a day. In France 2 2.6 million people are curious about the weather. France 3 on its side attracts an average of 1.5 million loyal visitors every day, not to mention the 820,000 fans who will never miss the "Weather Map" of the afternoon, which has been proposed since 2012.

Strong of these successes, the chains want to renew themselves while maintaining their basis of unconditional.

3D on TF1

On TF1, change of environment from Monday 27 August to insert a new technology: 3D. "Our green background will be integrated into the news platform on television and we will insert 3D to explain weather phenomena, allowing us to experience the event as if we were there, and we will have more interactivity with the presenters of the event. "trusted this weekend Evelyne Dheliat, head of the weather of the Une and LCI, Parisien.

France Télévisions has also decided to reconcile return with novelty: from August 27, the newsletters of France 2, France 3 and Franceinfo will be renewed, with new maps still vivid but clearer, clearer, new generic and content content unpublished in support.

"With the same duration, we go from the simple bulletin to a mini-weather diary", Nathalie Rihouet announces, who officiates on France 2. "In addition to the predictions, we will offer more deciphering about specific phenomena".

Focus on overseas, regional focus

The newsletters are concluded with an image of landscape, animal or leisure. The ephemeris will also be redesigned. A zoom on abroad is offered every evening on the second channel.

Regional attention will be paid to France 3.

On the other hand, the cities that appear on the maps will not change during the pellets. Much to the annoyance of thousands of Saint-Etienne who have launched a petition for their city to finally appear …

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