LIVE – Follow the Alexandre Benalla hearing for the Senate Law Commission

the right to remain silent in criminal law does not exist before the committees
parliamentary inquiry, said Wednesday morning the President LR of the
parliamentary committee of inquiry in the Senate, Philippe Bas. "People
called up have no right to remain silent. [Elles] swear to say "the whole
truth and nothing but the truth, "he said on France info this morning.

He has
confirmed that according to the principle of separation of powers,
Senators could not ask questions about Alexander's actions
Benalla on 1 May, subject to a judicial investigation. the
questions must relate to the exact mission of the former employee
in the organization of the Élysée. "The Senate Committee for the Laws
only a research assignment to find out whether people come from outside the police
or the gendarmerie could have disrupted the operation of these services
government organizations, in particular for the security of the President of the
Republic, "he said.

Bas finally "pretty grotesque" warning from Christophe
Castaner, deputy general of La République and marche, about the will of the
committee to establish "a discharge power" from the president.
"I was stunned by this statement," the president said
LR from the inquiry committee about France info. "Let's do it
our work well (…). We are not interested in any action from the
President of the Republic, I ask for more peace in the debate
politics around this case. "

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