Low attendance at Frangy's Rose Festival

The 46th edition of the Rose Festival in Frangy-en-Bresse, popularized by Arnaud Montebourg, who for a long time was the chosen representative of the region, collected less than 200 people on Sunday under a small party tent. Invited this year for the traditional meeting of the socialists of Saone-et-Loire the PS MP Emmanuel Maurel and the president of the group New Left in the National Assembly, Valerie Rabault, who have posted their differences of opinion. The leader of the socialists Olivier Faure had rejected the invitation.

"The common point between Europe and the PS is that it is not going so well … Finally no puns!", Emmanuel Maurel, candidate for a place on the PS list for the next European elections. "I hope that the socialists who called Macron in the first round opened their eyes […] We can not go into the campaign by saying that Europe is great. We must stop looking for compromises with the right ones. There are requirements attached to it, including going to the crisis. I argue for disobedience, "the EP added.

And to criticize the announcements from Prime Minister Edouard Philippe about the fiscal measures for 2019, revealed on Sunday Sunday newspaper . "Philippe, it is worse than Sarkozy," he continued, pointing to the announced reform of pensions and the privatization of "Aéroports de Paris and Française des Jeux".

If Mr. Maurel would see a connection with the insubmissies of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Valerie Rabault was categorical: "Do not agree with the populist left". "We have seen what it has given in Italy, I am for a plural list, European and not populist," replied the member for Tarn-et-Garonne. "I want clarity, we define a line and will be able to be candidates who will recognize themselves on this line", once again launched the patron saint of socialists in the National Assembly.

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