LREM group candidate for the Presidency of the Assembly, Richard Ferrand, one of the figures of the macronie

On Monday Richard Ferrand saw the confidence of the LREM group propelling him to the foot of the perch of the National Assembly. His election as president should be a formality on Wednesdayif the absolute majority of the LREM group, 312 deputies of 577, as well as the votes of the allies MoDem, guarantee him to pass François de Rugy, freshly appointed Minister of Ecological Transition. A consecration for the deputy of the 6th district of Finistère.

In the footsteps of Emmanuel Macron

A member of Parliament two years ago unknown and now the future fourth figure in the state, Richard Ferrand came forward in the wake of Emmanuel Macron, of which he was one of the earliest supporters.

His costume as a man of trust does not seem to be worn over the years, or in 2015 to scratch the general rapporteur of the law of the Minister of Economy Macron (he will practically two months of life night and day with the tenant of Bercy, demolishing during more than 400 hours of parliamentary debates and examining nearly 9000 amendments), and then structuring the party En Marche in 2016! candidate Macron, or to head up in 2017 an inexperienced group of about 300 delegates to vote for the reforms of the new president.

An exhaustive group presidency

During the sometimes 15 months at the head of the LREM contingent of the Assembly, Richard Ferrand had to deal with the management of the first steps of some, the egos of others, ambitions, missteps and psychodrams. What a difficult life for this 56-year-old smoker.

"You have to give of yourself when you are a group chairman"he said to AFP. This former socialist had several times to deal with a wind of protest within a marginal minority but active among his troops. Embers sometimes fueled by his predecessor Perchoir with whom he has maintained conflicting relationships. "I think Richard Ferrand is not good for the job, he does not talk to anyone, he is not a good manager", launched last week a member LREM, repeatedly formulated critics in other mouths: too far away, too directing, too absent …

The torment of the real estate sector

The birth of the Aveyronnais has been affected by the storm of real estate that concerns him. Former Director-General of the Mutuelles de Bretagne from 1998 to 2012, he is still under the influence of a judicial investigation because of "illegal use of interests", after an initial investigation was rejected. Currently the instruction opened by the financial center of the TGI from Paris moved to Lille.

The case, unveiled in May 2017, has cost him his portfolio of minister of territorial cohesion so far, left a month later for the head of the group, and left considerable personal scars, especially for his companion, also implied, and her three children aged 28, 15 and 10 years.

Selected from Finistère since 1998

Richard Ferrand has been a member of the 6th arrondissement of Finistère since 2012 (Carhaix-Plouguer, Chateaulin, Châteauneuf-du-Faou, Crozon, Daoulas, Le Faou, Huelgoat, Ushant, Pleyben). He was re-elected in 2017 and retains the favor of his constituents while in complete judicial harassment of Mutuelles de Bretagne. He was General Counsel of Finistère from 1998 to 2011 and has been Regional Councilor since 2010.

This son of a construction expert and a commercial assistant landed a little by chance on the left, thanks to the father of one of his friends, "Maurice, a lawyer from Rodez who was a PSU activist". Only left at the age of 16 to study in Germany, in Bielefeld, where he passes his baccalaureate per correspondence, he takes his card when he returns to 18, in 1980. "I was a very early Mitterrandolâtre", he remembers, bragging "the clarity of ideas and the complexity of the individual". He then navigates between different movements within the PS, from Henri Emmanuelli to François Hollande via Martine Aubry.

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