LREM MEPs want to "go further"

"What are we waiting for to continue?" About twenty deputies from La Republique and marche called on the government to extend the provisions on Sunday work in a tribune signed in the Journal du dimanche . "The Pact Act is a great opportunity to revitalize our city centers, meet French expectations and increase the attractiveness of our territories in terms of tourist offer. open or not on Sunday, "they argue.

Turnover increases by 15%. The 22 signatories, chosen in different regions of France, rely on the impetus of the Macron law, in 2015, "a relief for our companies and our city centers", they believe. "In the then international tourist areas, the turnover of the stores increased by 15% and the Sunday even became the second best score of the week for some stores," the delegates explain, adding that "the number of jobs is about 10 % and 1,500 positions have been created in the department stores of Paris ".

"The opening on Sunday is first and foremost a societal issue that corresponds to the efforts of the French: to be free on Sunday to buy, entertain, work or not", the MPs summarize the majority together. They say that the French are still too limited in this "freedom", starting with the workers. Contrary to what many people think, many employees demand this freedom to work on a Sunday. In the Paris department stores, turnover had to be realized between employees. There were just too many people willing to work. she

A "mess". The signatories call on the government to immediately take the train, otherwise it will be left behind. "London, Madrid, Rome … The major European capitals have understood the need to open their stores on Sundays to attract international tourists and to support the activity.Although Paris, with last year welcomed 40 million tourists, remains the first capital that was visited in the world, these visitors spend less in France than in our neighbors, "they regret. The LREM deputies complain about a "waste" and ask Bercy to offer tourists "services at least comparable" to those of London.

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