LREM MEPs want to "go further"

LREM delegates want to "catch up" with other European capitals regarding opening on Sunday. – F. Elsner / 20 Minutes

Approximately twenty LREM delegates call for "to go" in the possibilities of the Sunday opening of shops, on the occasion of the Pact Act, in a stand published in the Journal du Dimanche .

"Let's not wait any longer! The Pact Act would be an opportunity to seize companies to have more freedom to open on Sundays or not, and so to revitalize our hearts," Buon Tan writes ( Paris), Benoit Potterie (Pas-de-Calais) and twenty other LREM members

"The Macron law was a success, what are we waiting for to continue?", They argue with praising the results of this 2015 law that made "first relaxation" possible by creating the "international tourist zones" where, on condition of entering into an agreement, shops can open on Sunday and in & # 39; in the evening until midnight

] "A social stake corresponding to the aspiration of the French"

"The opening of Sunday is primarily a social issue that corresponds to the French's aspiration: to be free to buy, to have fun, to work or not on Sunday, "the signatories say. "The appeal of French for e-commerce is also an indication of our desire to be free to consume," they add. "Many convenience stores are waiting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and some, even in the most commercial arteries, close and no longer contribute to the social bond."

"London, Madrid, Rome … The big European capitals have understood that they had to open their stores to tourists on Sunday and support the activity ", according to MEPs. "In the context of Brexit, the time has come to catch up by offering at least comparable services."

The Business Growth Bill, known as the "Pact Act", was introduced in the mid-sixties. June in the Council of Ministers. The Minister of Finance, Bruno Le Maire, mentioned at the end of July a possible postponement of his research in the National Assembly, which was expected in September.

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