Macron: a "health plan for 50 years" – 19/09/2018

Macron: one

Macron: a "health plan for 50 years"

A reform "for the next fifty years"! Difficult to do more ambitious. Emmanuel Macron presented yesterday a reform that is supposed to strengthen the healthcare supply with an investment of 3.4 billion euros in 2022, but also the expected elimination of the formidable competition, which has traumatized generations of students, and the numerus clausus in 2020 (read our file in the edition of yesterday).

"Our health system does not suffer from a problem of underfunding first, but suffers from" a real organizational handicap, "the head of state emphasized the" risk of implosion "from the hospital. Emergencies "drowning", psychiatry "in crisis", medical students "suffering": after alarming diagnoses the head of state presented his reform as "one of the pillars" of "the welfare state of the twenty-first century" He had already wanted to & # 39; rebuild & # 39; when he presented his anti-poverty plan less than a week ago.

A budget of € 3.4 billion

Big words for a big plan? The reactions were mixed yesterday, fairly favorable on the part of the liberal doctors' organizations, frankly critical of the unions who condemned very inadequate funding with regard to the declarations of intent, in particular with regard to access to care for everyone and the working conditions of hospital staff.

As far as the figures are concerned, the overall plan will have a budget of € 3.4 billion by 2022. In detail, almost € 1.6 billion will be spent on 'the structuring of healthcare in Europe'. areas ", 920 million for hospital investments, 500 million for" digital transformation "and 420 million for" the evolution of occupations and training. "The director wants to" get back medical time "by setting 4,000 positions of" medical assistants ", which doctors should "dismiss" administrative tasks and certain simple actions.This "regained" medical time, doctors are asked to accept new patients and to make up to 20 hours of office appointments within one day. the "restriction" to get rounds in the nights and weekends In the same vein, Emmanuel Macron confirmed his wish that "from 2019 400 additional positions of general practitioners with shared exercises urban hospitals can be financed and directed to the priority areas" to to combat deserts, and the emergency services should gradually be reserved for "vital emergency" "said the president, recognizing in the recent disturbances of Samu that led to the death of a young woman the responsibility of a bad organization.

In addition, the hospital card is reimbursed. "Some activities will have to close", with a re-offered hospital offer. On the one hand, a "label" of a local hospital will be created for institutions that will provide general, multifunctional, geriatric and follow-up care, with biology, imaging or telemedicine technical trays. On the other hand, the surgical units and maternity wards will be grouped together in larger institutions to ensure their greater activity, a guarantee of safety, according to the Health Plan …

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