Macron validated the yacht license at 200 euro (FNC)

Emmanuel Macron has validated the national hunting license at 200 euros and the "adaptive management of species", today announced the president of the National Federation of Hunters (FNC) after a meeting with the Head of the State dedicated to the reform of the hunting in France. "There have been a few arbitrations," said Willy Schraen at the end of the meeting, which was also attended by minister for the green transition Nicolas Hulot and secretary of state Sebastien Lecornu.

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Emmanuel Macron has "validated the national permit to 200 euros" against 400 euros currently, "adaptive management" of huntable species and the project of "new police of the countryside", he said. Faced with the concerns of the animal defenders, Willy Schraen assured that the hunters would "respect perfectly what was determined by the head of state" and "the quota applications that were made on some yachts in France." The last official meeting between the head of state and the FNC went back to February.

During the presidential campaign, Emmanuel Macron had created a surprise and impressed some of the 1.3 million hunters – a traditional electorate – by defending all traditional yachts in the name of the protection of French heritage.

His plea for a return of the presidential yachts – suppressed and replaced by "beat of regulation" under the presidency of Nicolas Sarkozy – had not gone unnoticed, like his trip to Chambord in December 2017 for a weekend. private end in which he had met members of the FNC.

The question of hunting led to useless exchanges this summer between Brigitte Bardot, founder of the animal welfare organization of the same name, and Minister Nicolas Hulot, the former accused the latter of being "trouillard". "on the record of the hunt and asks for his resignation.


Emmanuel Macron, a president who clearly shows interest in hunting

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