Marine Le Pen waives the appeal, not from the Constitutional Council

THE POLITICAL SCAN – In financial difficulties, the Marine Le Pen party preferred to recover half of its state aid instead of challenging the court of Cassation's judicial seizure of which it was the target.

It took almost a week for Marine le Pen and his advice to overcome this "Cornelian choice": to reclaim one million euros, or to take on a challenge before the Court of Cassation seized its government subsidies. In times of financial scarcity, while the party draws different debts and has no idea how it will finance its European campaign, the lender has ultimately been the strongest. "It follows from the legal provisions that the appeal to a decision for the presidential decree is suspensive, is provided by a communiqué, the attorney of the National Assembly, Maître David Dassa-le-Deist. […] the National Assembly would therefore deprive the refund of the sum of 1 million euros, which would increase the uncertainty of its situation. This is why the RN is obliged to refrain from all requests for admission of the profession. "

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In its judgment of 27 September, the investigation chamber confirmed the confiscation of part of the government subsidies of the party in connection with the case of alleged fictitious assistants of RN & # 39; s. On appeal, the judges substantially reduced the scope by freezing one million euros from the two who had been confiscated in July. The party of Marine Le Pen, which is the principle of such an attack & # 39; out of precaution & # 39; disputed, although it had not been tested for merit, but had not said the last word.

The lawyer of the party reserves the right to "assert his rights by other means of appeal, including the submission of a priority issue of constitutionality." A procedure allowing the party to call on the Constitutional Council to verify if the legal provisions applicable to it in this case do not affect the "rights and freedoms" guaranteed by the Constitution. In particular "respect for political pluralism and democratic life" referred to in Article 4 of the 1958 text.

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