Marseille: the bouncer refuses to enter him, he opens the fire

One of the pent-up clients, armed with a pistol, opens the fire on the bouncer. At least six times.

At the entrance of the cabaret the bullet impacts are evidence of the attack of violence. A feverish wave for a motive of extreme uselessness. A shock for all Saphir club staff. It is 5:30 in the morning, in the night from Friday to Saturday. Like every weekend, the DJ of "the best oriental box in the South of France"According to a commentary on the Facebook page of the establishment, chained plates.On the course it dances, it is a party.Outside, for the dark black facade of 89, rue de la Palud (6th), it smells of powder.

According to one of the managers, a group of four people arrives at this late hour of the night. Nobody knows them – "I had never seen them"One of the members, a man in his thirties, seems more upset than the others."Probably drunk"think the manager talks about a behavior"inadequate"to enter the cabaret.

The gatekeeper sends the message. Not at all received 5 out of 5 for the group. Insults fuse, an altercation intervenes. From classic to the entrance of a box. The sequel is unfortunately known in Marseille. As in the Taxi bush in the Panier district in 2012, as in the Son des guitares in the Opéra last January, one of the pent-up customers, armed with a pistol, opened fire in the direction of the bouncer. At least six times.

"We will not let him in. He insists and ends like this"

Miraculously, the outcome will not be so deadly this time. It was played to a few centimeters. A bullet hits him in the belly. At least two projectiles hurt his back and leg. First aid is brought to him on the spot. Very quickly cared for by the firefighters, the man is aware during his transport of the urgency of the Timone, where he will undergo an operation.

Stable, his condition was still seriously qualified yesterday by a source near the investigation that had been entrusted to the criminal brigade of the judicial police. His priority: find the author of the recordings. Without asking his rest, he and the other three people ran away just after the fact. "No group at a high level, but in view of the facts, very dangerous", says a source close to the file.It is incomprehensible, the manager takes over. We did not want to let him in. He insisted and that's how it ends. In short, it sounds shocking, but it can happen that way", he says, a little fatalistic, hoping for a quick conclusion of the investigation.

Besides the collection of testimonies of the PJ, the technical and scientific police made a long and accurate report of the evidence on the scene of the shooting yesterday morning.

Not to mention the recordings of CCTV cameras. One, private, is at the entrance to the airlock. Another, from the city, less than 10 meters. If the viewing angles are good, they can provide valuable insights for the aftermath of the case.

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