Matteo Salvini: hold-up on Italy

Matteo Salvini, smiling, for a selfie during the funeral of the victims of the disaster in Genoa. Matteo Salvini, who defies Emmanuel Macron, closes the Italian ports for migrants and in fact raises the Dublin Convention. Matteo Salvini, who threatens to serve the Roma, cancels homopariety in the administrative documents, in all cases justifies the use of firearms against the "intruders". Matteo Salvini, the most followed political politician on social networks with 2.9 million subscribers on Facebook, activating all the extreme right of the continent. This is the summer of the captain & # 39 ;, as his admirers call the Italian Minister of the Interior.

The captain wipes his allies and his enemies on the road. It was thought that he played a second role in a 5-star dominated government, which had won double league votes, but he is the one who now dictates the politics of the transalpine executive. He humbles Silvio Berlusconi who, although in the opposition, remains his obligator because what remains of Forza Italia, 8% of the voters, is in danger of climbing aboard the League train. He makes the Democratic Party (left) ridiculous, banished in his mouth to the rank of "left caviar" symbol of the "old politics that has eaten at all shelves", completely cut off from public opinion and whose fall in the polls the road from the cross.

"Italians first"

Matteo Salvini took Italy to the hussar. Only ten days after his arrival he is on the national and international scene with a tweet the closure of the Italian ports on theAquarius, the boat of the NGO SOS Mediterranean with on board of 629 migrants. Panic among the European chancellors, who are confronted with their hypocrisy about the quota of migrants, but also in the ranks of the government. The decision to close the ports is from the Minister of Transport, Danilo Toninelli, of the M5S, which did not intend at all. Too late. The league's campaign against "the invasion of migrants" – the official site of Matteo Salvini is entitled "The Italians first" – has paid off and the coup of the Minister of Interior has the national pride of an Italy that by immigration by its European partners had ignored, France in the forefront.

Salvini holds his horse and he will not let go. He announced on 16 August in Genoa, in the ruins of the Morandi Bridge, which had collapsed two days earlier, for surprise family members surprised by the amalgam: "In two months this government has allowed avoid 200,000 crimes and the arrival 30,000 migrants, a shameless lie As a result of the policy of its predecessor in the interior, the arrival of migrants fell by 87% in the first half of 2018. The figures registered since 1 June only confirm this trend. it does not matter, the conflicting debates glide over public opinion, which is based on 72%, of which 42% of the voters on the left, the migration policy of the "captain" who called for all the inhibitions of his xenophobia: "The migrants come on a cruise to Italy for a nice time in 5-star hotels, but the holiday is over for them! We must submit all Roma, even though we are unfortunately obliged to keep those who are Italian. Tunisia only exports criminals. "


Words that feed a dirty atmosphere. Since 1 June, when the yellow-green director was inaugurated, eight colorists have been injured by projectiles fired by air pressure guns. A train inspector who announced that the microphone "the Roma are breaking our balls, that they are going to the next stop" became a national hero and received the congratulations from the Minister of the Interior. Salvini multiplies the promises, usually veiled but worrying: Roma registration, massive deportation of migrants, abandonment of the proportionality requirement for self-defense, withdrawal of the law that prohibits the apology of fascism and inciting racial hatred, non-recognition of same-sex marriage and same-sex parenthood, reintroduction of compulsory military service, withdrawal of police protection against Roberto Saviano, his most virulent opponent threatened with death by the mafia.

But far beyond the scope of his ministry, Matteo Salvini now invests everywhere: important works, foreign policy, the economy, shortages and European discipline. He is also leader of the League, Minister of the Interior, Economy, Family, Armies, European Affairs, Agriculture and … Chairman of the Council.

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Twitter hooked

Many caps for one man, but not for the captain. On the fingers of a hand, the passages of Matteo Salvini are in his office at the ministry. With a speed of five or six trips a day, the minister is in a permanent election campaign across the entire peninsula. And he floods the Italians with "total communication" on social networks. Bypassing the traditional media, he speaks directly to his people via video & # 39; s broadcast live by Facebook. Obliged to follow on penalty of being in the event of the event, the televisions also broadcast the verb Salvinien without incurring a contradictory debate, or simply being able to formulate a question.

His daily average is 24 tweets a day, enough to make Donald Trump jealous, but he could have sent more than 30 in one day, from 9:12 am to 11:57 pm. & # 39;Aquarius, he published 84 messages in a week by 5 million people. The person who announced the closure of the ports to the ship of the NGO, stacked 240,000 "I like". This activity conditions the institutional information. Since 1 June, Ansa, the Italian news agency, has published 2,758 reports with Salvini in the title. The communication of opponents such as that of political allies is drowned by this river in flood, which owes nothing to chance.

Holiday photos & # 39; s

The team that manages the social networks of the Minister of Home Affairs has developed a program that responds to the sweet name of "bestia": the beast. The program analyzes the followers' reactions live to imagine the next tweet. So when a message from Salvini about the migrants answers a certain number of people: "the immigrants steal the work to the Italians", the minister will deal with this subject. "Salvini has become a brand", says Andrea Altinier, political communications analyst. It militarily occupies all thematic areas and all roles. By hammering on issues such as immigration, Roma, flat costs or uncertainty, it determines the media agenda and especially the perception Italians have of these issues. "

However, the populist 2.0 communication of Matteo Salvini is not limited to political slogans. He floods the web with family cards to tell about his last meal, his day on the beach with his fiancée, the presenter Elisa Isoardi or the exploits of his young son's football. All embellished with lots of photo's of him in bermuda or swimsuit. The exhibition of the body of the leader has always been part of the iconography of the League. Umberto Bossi proudly wore his white marcel on his hairy torso, symbol of masculinity – his favorite slogan was "the strong bond" – in contrast to the kitschy luxury and operetta eroticism of the older Berlusconi, a bunga-bunga enthusiast.

"Strong man"

The bellied belly of the Minister of the Interior, always exhibited on the popular beaches of Romagna, means: "I am one of you, an Italian who carries beer and pizza" s and loves football, no intellectual or a member caste ". And he refers to another "strong man" who preceded him: Benito Mussolini himself, also a great adept of poses without a shirt. This is no coincidence, because Matteo Salvini carefully plows the mud of transalpine neofascism. "Many enemies, a lot of honor," he said, quoting the Duce against those who, like Roberto Saviano, denounce his racist drive. During the final Italian Cup final he had signed a Pivert brand bomb at the Olympic Stadium in Rome, the jacket of the prescription of the CasaPound activists claiming to be the "fascists of the third millennium & # 39; to be. Does the custom make the monk?

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