Meeting with an escort in Lyon: he is robbed!

In May, a person made an appointment with a young woman through the internet for a sexual relationship. But the appointment went wrong for the customer. So when he arrived in the rue de la Rize, in the 3rd arrondissement, he got the unpleasant surprise that he discovered that the beauty was accompanied by two armed men. Threatened by the trio, the man was relieved of 150 euros. Conceived, he also collected 4 days of ITT after this bad meeting.

The case does not stop here: on 22 August the victim contacted the same young woman via the same website to make an appointment. But this time the criminal brigade was warned and went there. The 18-year-old Lyon girl, a 31-year-old Lyonnais and a second 28-year-old man were arrested at the end of the afternoon.

The three suspects denied the facts. The young woman with 32 criminal records, the young man of 28 years (22 criminal record), was presented to the prosecutor today. The 31-year-old Lyonnais with 15 criminal registers was expelled and released.

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