Mélenchon denounces "bleeding from the state and public services"

Jean-Luc Mélenchon rejected in Marseilles the "loss of state and public services" planned by the government, which revealed new measures to save the budget. In a JDD interview, Édouard Philippe in particular announced a smaller increase (0.3%) in three social benefits – old-age pensions, personalized housing assistance (APL), family benefits – than the increase in inflation (1, 6% in 2018 according to INSEE ).

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"It is a loss of state and all public services," assured the leader of France, rebellious in the margins of a commemoration of the liberation of Marseilles in 1944. "Now it will be terrible, it will be very difficult for people, for him (Édouard Philippe) but for those who will no longer have their benefits of any kind, "he said. The government made compromises to compensate for the lower than expected growth in 2019, with 1.7% against 1.9% expected so far.

Private service instead of public service

"Their budget will become increasingly unsustainable and always at the same price, little by little the social state dissolves and the administrative state collapses, because less money comes into crates, […] with 4.5 billion euros with the abolition of the tax on wealth (ISF), "said Jean-Luc Mélenchon. Macron is absolutely relieved by the idea that the private sector will replace the public sector, which is too much, "he continued.

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"What worked was the opposite formulas: in the few countries where we have made the revival of consumption and where we have strengthened the state, it is better, as in Portugal," he said. orphan. "We have an opportunity with Europeans to tell them what we think we are against, we will face a tumultuous year", concludes Mr Mélenchon, the day after his speech of return to LFI's summer amphibian that ends today.

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