Municipal: the masked ball of Paris

& # 39; If you know Paris, you do not believe in anything and do not say anything about it. "At two years of the next town, the shadow of Balzac seems to float above the City of Light, between maneuvers and bluffing, the battle for Anne Hidalgo's armchair is indeed a game of dupes, a funny atmosphere that can be explained first by the uncertainty The municipal offices in Paris traditionally promote surprises thanks to a certain voting system: the mayors of the boroughs – seventeen in 2020, due to the merger of the central districts – who nominate the mayor of the capital.


The breakthrough of LREM in the presidential elections and the legislative year 2017 is also disturbing: with its sociological goal "bobo", the training created by Emmanuel Macron appears in a strong position two years after the elections. Not surprisingly, within the party, the contenders are repressive.

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Benjamin Griveaux, the spokesperson for the government, seems – for the time being? – have the anointing of the head of state. Vice-President of the Hugues Renson meeting would also see himself at the Hôtel de Ville. His positions in favor of the receipt of theAquarius have been interpreted as a nod to the Parisian electorate and its famous humanist values ​​… The person vainly recites that the time of the candidacies has not come, his laughter at the screams at the same time embarrassed and elated, when the waiter of a café promises him the fate of the Mayor of Paris, says more than all speeches …

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Proof that no potential candidate has emerged at this moment: Minister of Digital Affairs, Mounir Mahjoubi, is now showing interest in the job. The former socialist, who posed this summer Paris Match in addition to his companion, according to his relatives, would have a picture that will probably please the inhabitants of the capital. Ian Brossat, deputy (PCF) in the house of Anne Hidalgo and future Communist leader for Europeans, forced himself to laugh: "I did not know that Mahjoubi had an image …" Internally, at LREM, Friendship exchanges have begun. "Renson, he is a candidate for everything …" blows in the camp of Benjamin Griveaux. "Griveaux has few problems with people …" we answered as echoed, with an air of hearing, in the stable of Hugues Renson.

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The election of 2020 certainly seems conducive to solitary approaches. Gaspard Gantzer, former communication advisor of Holland at the Elyseepaleis, is also part of "those who go into the sandbox", to use the words of a centrist. The former employee of Bertrand Delanoe, founder of a movement called Parisians, Parisians, dreams in Macron of the capital … but does not hesitate to tackle LREM. Does he make a diagnosis of the local situation before he develops a project, such as the Macronist party? "I do not have to do the diagnosis The Parisians' problems are my problems," he cut a quick flow, barely installed in a café on the big boulevards. One step arouses the curiosity of the press, but also a form of caution among the elected representatives of the seraglio …

Meanwhile, Pierre-Yves Bournazel, a member of Constructives in the Assembly, is crossing the streets of his 18th arrondissement while he waits for his time. In the heat of an afternoon in July, cheered by the traces of support consumed by a few retired passersby, the Juppéist seems more than ever to believe in his chances. But if he promises a "never seen Paris political offer" and condemns "the government of the parties", "PYB" is not an insult to the future. Halfway between LR – who he left, sitting in the group of Republicans and independents in the Paris Council – and LREM, with which he is compatible, he saves both.

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He and Gantzer recently met in a café on Pride Day. The two men maintain cordial relationships and share certain programmatic orientations, such as the passing of traditional labels or the establishment of a municipal police. On the point of work, when the time comes, a rapprochement?


Back in his strongholds, the right of Paris, burned by its failures in the latest municipal polls (2001, 2008, 2014), also dreams of creating a surprise. "We have a small fire," says Geoffroy Boulard in his modern office in the city hall of the 17th arrondissement. Can republican departments at national level hinder a possible reconquest? Everyone hopes that local concerns will pass before the & # 39; hate feelings & # 39; be lifted according to the formula of a LR Paris adviser. Proof of the creation of a form of sacred union: the duo formed by Florence Berthout – offensive patron of the Republicans and Independents (LRI) group at the Paris Council and quite close to Valérie Pécresse and Bruno Le Maire – and Geoffroy Boulard, department secretary under pressure from Wauquiez. The president of the party will not interfere in the elections in Paris, promises his consequence. Only requirement: a candidate with the label LR is present on the starting line …

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Faced with a complex equation, the Republicans cultivate ambiguity. Agnès Evren, LR candidate for the LR federation of the capital, can very well promise a right & # 39; that will not put his flag in the vicinity & # 39 ;, it is conciliatory when it is submitted to the Bournazel hypothesis. .. as if the uncertainty of the election made all possible combinations. "In Paris it is the brothel", summarizes a centrist, and although the main themes of the election are already known: transport, housing, security or Grand Paris. But for now: "Everyone is going forward in a mask," Agnès Evren said.

Unique landmark in this changing landscape: Anne Hidalgo prepares to fight. The mayor of Paris, who acts on his left by revolting France and on his right, has the setbacks, Vélib & # 39; on the Autolib & # 39; chained by the opening of the roads on the bank. His attempts at rapprochement with the party led by Christophe Castaner have clearly failed.

However, the socialist still increases the fear of his opponents. "It will not be that low in the polls," warns former minister Jean-François Lamour, adviser (LR) of Paris in the 15th. The mayor, who now says he is thinking about the establishment of an armed municipal police, "is at the same time very dogmatic and very pragmatic," says Agnès Evren. Bruno Julliard, the first deputy of the city council, drooled in advance: "I can not wait for the debate to begin, not postures, which should publish a book dedicated to the environment, to the re-entry. Imagine his action, first acting on a new candidacy?

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