Murder of the Deputy Director General of the Town Hall of Rodez: accused the suspect and imprisoned

AGRESSION – A head of the services of the city of Rodez, in charge of the municipal police, was put in front of the town hall on Thursday morning. Transported to emergency situations, the man succumbed to his injuries. His alleged attacker, a 39-year-old man, was charged with murder and placed in pre-trial detention.

The drama was knotted around 10:30 in the street Camille Douls along the town hall of Rodez (Aveyron). The deputy director general of city services, charged with the municipal police, was stabbed to death.

According to the first elements of the investigation, a man threw himself at him and stabbed him several times. Pascal Filoé, father of three children, was transported "in a state of absolute urgency" to the hospital of Rodez. He succumbed to his injuries a few hours later.

The alleged perpetrator, known to the police for crimes against common law, was promptly arrested. He was charged with murder and placed in pre-trial detention. At the age of 39, he had arrived in Rodez a few months ago. According to our information, his dog, considered dangerous, would have been removed a week ago following a verbalization of the services of the city. Since then he had threatened agents of the city and the municipal police. He explained to the researchers that he acted out of revenge. "Since he had a history (judicial), we could not give him permission to have this category of dogs," said Christian Teyssèdre, mayor of Rodez.

In April "he came to break the glass door at the entrance of the town hall, and since then he has physically threatened us, the threats were regular," said the mayor, the suspect intrusive of "someone special".

In his confession, the defendant "made Pascal Filoe responsible", Friday the deputy attorney Cherif Chabbi confirmed to AFP, who speaks of "resentment after the disappearance of his dog." The autopsy that is going on at the Forensic Institute of Montpellier will determine how many stab wounds were affected "on the arms, the abdomen and the abdomen"

The Minister of the Interior responded to Twitter. "I share the sorrow of the people of Rodez after the despicable attack against the head of their municipal police, my first thoughts go to his family and loved ones." Support for his colleagues tried and national police who immediately arrested the police individual, "wrote Gérard Collomb.

Kevin, an employee of the Le Calcio pizzeria, worked right next to the site of the deadly attack. "I heard screaming" Help! "" I rushed outside to see what was happening, I saw a man leaning on the wall that fell apart, "he said, before LCI After the events, the street was cut and a security perimeter set up to let the police to work.

The prefecture of Aveyron announced in a press release that "a medical-psychological emergency cell was activated in the town hall". Many residents paid homage to Pascal Filoé on Friday.

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