Nantes: an open gym for 90 migrants from Daviais Square

The city hall of Nantes opened a gymnasium, Monday 20 August host 90 migrants below the 400 installed on Daviais Squarefor several weeks. This is it Emile Morice Gymnasiumon the island of Nantes, which will be equipped with cots. These additional accommodation places will be offered to "most vulnerable migrants and whose health situation requires rapid accommodation "said the town hall in a statement.
At the same time, the mayor of Nantes, Johanna Rolland, announced send a letter to the Prime Minister, "advocating the creation of new places for reception centers for asylum seekers as quickly as possible". In her mail, the mayor calls the head of the government:

"At the moment, in a year, on a topic that does not fall under her authority, our city puts more than a million euros to ensure the best possible reception and living conditions for people Nantes is mobilized (…) But without powerful relay at the highest level of the state, this mobilization finds its limits today and I call for a collective response and mobilization at all levels, European, national, regional and local, so that decent and sustainable solutions are offered to migrants "

The city of Nantes was already open at the end of July 60 places in need, entrusted to two associations through a system of precarious leases, after the evacuation of Square Daviais. Inadequate: more than 200 migrants had taken refuge in the discarded Lycée Leloup Bouhier, opened by support associations. This was also evacuated in early August, at the request of the city hall of Nantes.

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