new elements re-launch a 20-year murder case

Charentais students are studying behind the reopening of this cold business. The prosecutor of Angouleme, Jean-David Cavaillé, decided on 18 July the reopening of a judicial investigation, about the murder of a young woman in 1998, reports France Blue La Rochelle. New elements, including the discovery of the victim's clothing, motivated the latter to again seize a judge of instruction.

It was a case that the department was shocked. On 4 December 1998, the burned body of Francesca Parra, 30, was discovered in her burning car in the Eaux-Claires district of Angouleme. The hypothesis that suicide had been rejected had first turned the investigation to his companion. After ten months in pre-trial detention, he was finally completely acquitted and in 2010 a case was rejected that led to the closure of the judicial investigation.

"Paquita" is not forgotten

But the sad fate of her loved ones, affectionately called "Paquita", has not ceased to interest righteousness. In 2014, 16 years after the murder, Patrice Cambérou, then prosecutor of Angoulême, asked that the research department of the Gendarmerie de Poitiers take a number of elements from the research. In 2015, his successor Jean-David Cavaillé received the family when he took office.

The following year, 18 years after the death of the young womanand several TV series about the case, he wanted in turn further investigation. In question: new testimonies, partly collected by the TV teams and partly spontaneously following their broadcast. He had also asked for a completely new analysis of all the evidence submitted in the first investigation.

Ultimate rebound

Asked by the local media, the public prosecutor estimates that "the studies I asked for in 2016 showed new questions at work". Finally, the ultimate rebound, students from a university in the north of the department in the spring of 2018 discovered the personal effects of the victim in a forest. So they form & # 39; new charges & # 39; which are sufficient to revive this matter, which remains a mystery 20 years later.

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