new weapons for security personnel

More sophisticated and more precise weapons. The 1000 RATP Security Group (GPSR) agents will soon be available 9 mm semi-automatic weaponsreveals Franceinfo. This model, known to the supplier for its accuracy, robustness and multiple safety, is also used by the national police.

Obtaining this new equipment is permitted by a decree of the Savary law. Voted in 2016, RATP and SNCF security agents can carry more powerful weapons. A necessity according to Stéphane Gouaud, group security director. Until now, the GPSR agents used weapons given by the police, "not at all adapted to the context of terrorism in which we have been evolving since 2015 ".

These new guns will be equipped with "19 cartridges instead of five before", explains Franceinfo Marc Brillaud, vice-president of SUD-RATP.

Use only in self-defense

In order to use them, however, the agents of the GPSR must obtain a weapons gate, issued by the police prefecture and renewable every five years. "Every agent undergoes a moral investigation before the award of a new weapon, "says Stephane Gouard, they must also undergo compulsory training with two admission sessions per year.

These weapons can only be used in self-defense, self or others. "They have intermediate weaponssuch as defense sticks and tear gas bombs, but the agents must be able to respond if they fall on armed people, "says the specialist.

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