of the sun, and stormy showers in the southern Alps and Corsica

Sunday is sunny weather and summers with stormy showers in the southern Alps and Corsica, according to Météo France.

The weather will remain unstable on the southeast Sunday, according to Météo-France's latest prediction. Occasionally heavy and stormy showers break out on the Corsican mountain and on the alpine massif to the PACA. Clouds and showers can flood on the French Riviera.

The sun dominates most of the country. The budding will be less threatening to the other masses and the deviations from the showers will remain isolated on the Cevennes and the east of the Pyrenean chain. From Brittany and Normandy to Flanders, the day begins under heavy air, or even under a little drizzle through the sea, gradually fine dunningen will nibble from the south and only the tip of Cotentin and the northwest of Brittany keep cloudy again in the afternoon, high foggy on the coast. In the rest of the country it will be a beautiful solar day.


Side mercury. The minimum temperatures are between 12 and 16 degrees in general, between 18 and 22 in the southeast. The maximum is 22 to 25 degrees in the departments bordering the Channel and the far north. They will climb between 26 and 30 degrees on the northern half, to 32 in the southwest, 30 to 34 on the Mediterranean arc.

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